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Purchase advice: Opel Astra

A lot has changed for the Opel Astra with the new edition that was released in 2022. At the same time, the compact classic remains multifaceted and practical as ever.

Purchase advice: Opel Astra

Even after the separation from General Motors, Opel kept his compact classic Astra the loyalty. Instead of GM technology, the new edition introduced in 2022 is based like that sister models DS 4 and Peugeot 308 on the PSA platform EMP2. It has a lot of good and also a lot of new things to offer.

In brief

Despite new technology and a new look, the sixth generation of the Astra has retained its classic compact format. With its new Vizor front, it also evokes memories of the Opel look from the more glorious times of the Blitz brand. In terms of drive technology, the Golf alternative with various petrol, diesel and electric variants skilfully masters the balancing act between tradition and modernity.



The core model is the 4,37 meter long five-door, which has a good amount of space. The passengers sit airily on comfortable chairs, and the new edition again offers the option of the AGR seats that are popular with long-distance drivers. The trunk is lush with 422 to 1.339 liters. If you need more cargo space, choose the 27 centimeters longer station wagon, which can load 608 liters normally and up to 1.634 liters with the rear seat back folded down. Thanks to removable intermediate floors, the large Astra, known as the Sports Tourer, offers an almost level trunk floor, under which there is additional storage space. An electric tailgate, which is available at extra cost, is also practical.


The entry into the Astra world is marked by the two 1.2 Turbo three-cylinder petrol engines with 81 kW/110 hp and 96 kW/130 hp. The more powerful variant can be combined with an eight-speed automatic, the basic petrol engine is only available as a manual switch. Both petrol engines offer decent driving performance with moderate consumption. The diesel 1.5 D with 96 kW/130 hp, available with a manual or automatic transmission, is more efficient. In practice, the four-cylinder can be moved with around 5 liters per 100 kilometers, which allows a range of over 1.000 kilometers. Anyone who also likes to drive electrically can choose between two plug-in hybrids with 133 kW/180 hp or 165 kW/225 hp. Both allow sprints in under 8 seconds and a top speed of up to 235 km/h. Thanks to the electric motor and 12,4 kWh battery, the part-time electricians can also drive up to 60 kilometers emission-free. With 54 kWh large Battery the 115 kW/156 hp Electric version even offers an electric range of 416 kilometers. The BEV variant will initially be available for the compact Astra in the spring and for the station wagon from the fall.


Opel offers station wagon and five-door in five each Equipment lines at. The “Enjoy” variant (from 25.510 euros), which can only be combined with pure combustion drives, marks the entry point. The basic variant comes with automatic climate control, 16-inch aluminum, infotainment system with 10-inch touchscreen and a keyless system. The "Elegance" level, which is available for all drives, costs around 2.400 euros extra, which also has an ergonomic driver's seat (EGR), Adaptive speed regulator and two-zone climate offers. The GS equipment, available from 30.430 euros, is characterized by a slightly sportier appearance and a few extras such as seat and steering wheel heating. The Ultimate Package equipment starts at almost 37.000 euros, which includes adaptive matrix headlights, navigation, heated windscreen, glass sunroof or head-up display for the big pampering package. For cheaper equipment levels, some Extras order as individual options. Within certain limits, customers can have such an individual optional equipment assemble. If you want as much equipment and performance as possible, you should order the Astra GSe, which costs at least 45.500 euros. The top variant is characterized by a 165 kW/225 hp PHEV drive, a striking sports look and performance seats with Alcantara covers.


For savers: Opel Astra 5-door "Enjoy", gasoline, manual transmission, 81 kW/110 hp, also with ergonomic active seat (700 euros extra charge); Price: 26.210 euros.

For frequent travelers: Opel Astra Sports Tourer "Elegance", diesel, automatic, 96 kW/130 hp, additionally with Intelli-Drive 1.0 package with adaptive cruise control (550 euros) and heated windscreen (210 euros). Price: 34.210 euros.

For athletes: Opel Astra GSe, plug-in hybrid with Automatic, 165 kW/225 hp, additionally with sliding glass sunroof (1.000 euros) and adaptive LED matrix headlights (1.300 euros). Price: 47.810 euros

For the environmentally conscious: Opel Astra Electric, 115 kW/156 hp, 54 kWh battery for a range of 416 kilometers. Price approx.: 40.000 euros (cannot be ordered yet)

Mario Hommen / SP-X

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