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2021 INEOS Grenadier prototype


The new hardcore off-road vehicle from Great Britain was caught in front of the camera for the first time. It is the new INEOS Automotive brand, an offshoot of a British chemical company. Actually, the brand wanted to buy the entire production line before the new Jaguar Land Rover Land Rover Defender was launched, but it never happened. The new INEOS is called Grenadier, which is also the name of a type of troop in the military, and is scheduled to be launched next year. It is optically a copy of the old Land Rover Defender and a Mercedes Benz G.
INEOS Automotive has already given some details about the Grenadier project. For example, there is a cooperation with BMW regarding the engine delivery of the six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines as well as vehicle technology. The British, whose new plant is still under construction, have given the development to the hands of the Austrian Magna Group. There you are very familiar with robust and off-road vehicles. The INEOS Grenadier is built in England.
Although the new INEOS Grenadier has no predecessor, the British manufacturer's first model is fully disguised on a closed test site. The Grenadier becomes a 4-door SUV, but the rear door, the side windows and the entire rear are massively camouflaged. Only the front shows some details regarding the headlights, the grille and the lines of the bonnet. The windscreen is rather steep.
More information about the new 2021 INEOS Grenadier can be found in a great marketing campaign directly on the manufacturer's website:

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