5 Small SUVs with four-wheel drive

Little one SUV almost every manufacturer now has on offer. Four-wheel-Technology is less and less on board despite optical off-road borrowings. But you can still find a few candidates.  

SUVs have nothing to do with off-road. Especially in the small classes, all-wheel drive technology is no longer available for many crossovers. There are a few exceptions, however: five mini SUVs with traction advantages on snow, dirt roads or when driving a trailer.  

Suzuki Ignis - The handy one 

With its 3,70-meter micro-crossover, the Japanese have taken the miniaturization of the SUV to the extreme. And still get the all-wheel drive option. Even four years after the four-door five-seater was launched, there are no direct competitors. Because the space available is okay despite the handy dimensions and a sliding back seat ensures variability, the Ignis is definitely a suitable everyday car. The performance of the 66 kW / 90 PS strong 1,2-liter petrol engine is manageable, but the same applies to the price of 17.560 euros for the Allgrip variant.  

5 Small SUVs with four-wheel drive
The Suzuki Ignis is one of the smallest all-wheel drive vehicles on the market

Jeep Renegade - The Climber

While many competitors just look like off-road vehicles, the smallest Jeep really is one. At least in the “Trailhawk” variant with all-wheel drive, “Rock Mode” driving program and robustly planked body including underride protection and increased slope angle, which is specially designed for off-road use, the American relative of the Fiat 500X comes further than the city-optimized competitors. At the same time, with its 177 kW / 240 PS plug-in hybrid, it also performs confidently on paved roads. The double talent, however, has its price: At 42.600 euros, the Renegade has long since left the small car league.  

Ssangyong Tivoli - The inexpensive one

Ssangyong has long since changed from an exotic low-cost brand to an attractively priced mass provider. The 4,20 meter long Tivoli is a pleasant representative of its class both inside and out, even if it certainly does not set any standards in terms of ambience and connectivity. However, you can take a look at the price list: The cheapest all-wheel-drive model, powered by a 1,6-liter gasoline engine with 12o kW / 163 hp, costs 22.500 euros and has the most important visual, comfort and safety extras on board. There is also a five-year guarantee.  

5 Small SUVs with four-wheel drive
The Ssangyong Tivoli is one of the cheapest SUVs with all-wheel drive

Toyota Yaris Cross - The economical one

Late, but with a unique selling point: For a long time, the Japanese had done without a small crossover, but now they are bringing a jacked-up version of the Yaris small car. Visually independent and on request with all-wheel technology. The hybrid system known from other models provides the drive, supplemented by a second electric motor on the rear axle. The bottom line is that 85 kW / 116 PS are available, which enables decent driving performance. The standard consumption of around five liters should be relatively realistic - especially in comparison to the few plug-in hybrids in this class. However, the market launch is only in mid-September, then at prices from around 29.000 euros.  

Hyundai Kona N - The comfortable one

The Korean representative in the small class also shows that all-wheel drive technology in the mini-SUV segment is increasingly becoming a luxury. While the almost 4,18 meter long, dynamically cut Kona was initially available in two versions and at prices well below 30.000 euros, there is now only one left. The engine available is the 1,6-liter petrol engine with 130 kW / 177 hp, which can only be combined with the high equipment levels "N Line" and "Prime". For at least 31.700 euros, the five-seater comes with a neatly polished look and very extensive equipment. In addition to the navigation package and LED headlights, the scope also includes large rims and the digital cockpit. A five-year guarantee is also included. 

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