Overview of advantages and disadvantages of car leasing

If you want to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of car leasing, then you have come to the right place. If you've been wanting a new car for a long time, it's about much more than just the model, year of manufacture and other key data. Many vehicle owners are particularly concerned with the question of financing. Classic leasing offers an alternative to cash purchase and financing.

Secure financial planning thanks to constant rates

When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of car leasing, you should always ask yourself whether you prefer to be flexible or more secure when it comes to finances. If you need a certain degree of planning security because you have a fixed budget for the car, then leasing is a good option. For the duration of the lease, a fixed rate is agreed from the start, which has to be paid month by month. You can calculate the costs precisely and there will be no unpleasant surprises due to additional costs.

To have current and popular car models at any time

If you dream of a very specific car that has just come onto the market, a used car is usually out of the question. In this case, leasing is ideal because you can dream of an expensive model without having to take out a loan or save the money in other ways. On the one hand, you benefit from the social reputation of an expensive new car and also enjoy all the advantages that modern technology from the automotive industry has to offer. Few people can afford this luxury without paying in installments or leasing.

Tariffs can be selected individually depending on usage behavior

Advantages and disadvantages of car leasing can be easily offset against each other. If you want a high degree of flexibility in terms of term, you can get it. The only requirement: You should take a close look at all providers and the various tariffs. You decide flexibly whether you want to use the car for a year, for two years or even longer. If you would like a new model afterwards, this is not a problem. As an alternative to a fixed period, you can also specify in advance how many kilometers you can drive. In the end, both the time factor and the mileage factor determine which monthly installments you have to pay. Here you can flexibly decide which tariffs are most worthwhile for your individual needs.

More driving pleasure, less risk

Do you want to drive the chic new car without having to worry about possible repair costs? Then the leasing model might be an option for you. Because you will not keep the car for long in this case, it is extremely rare for individual components to wear out. Therefore, you will spend little to very little time in a workshop. If you do not want to take any risks, you also have the option of concluding a so-called maintenance contract together with the normal leasing contract. In this case, you do not have to pay for any repairs separately. Unforeseen additional costs are then no longer an issue. However, this is not always worth it, but depends heavily on the other content of the contract, your budget and your usage behavior.

No bad surprises thanks to leasing

When you think about the advantages and disadvantages of car leasing, you should consider that you do not have to worry about unforeseen price losses. If there are problems with the car brand, which also makes your car more difficult to sell, you do not need to care. After all, you just leased the car and don't have to deal with the current market value and the issue of depreciation in general. This category of special risks also includes political contingencies which, for example, devalue cars with a certain drive or with certain technical details.

Effectively save taxes with leasing

If you lease the car in the name of your own company or that of a third-party company, you should not forget the tax advantages and disadvantages of car leasing: The costs of leasing may be shown as operating expenses and thus be fully deducted from tax. This effectively saves costs.

Spend money without becoming an owner

Of course, leasing not only brings advantages, but also some disadvantages. One of them: you pay a substantial amount to the leasing company over several months or even years. Ultimately, however, you will not receive any material equivalent. If the lease expires, the car is not your property, but must be returned. Of course, you can buy the car after the contract expires, but installments already paid are not taken into account here.

Little flexibility in terms of termination

Once you have decided to lease, you must also decide on the period. If you want to terminate the contract early because you no longer use the car regularly or simply have less money, you cannot simply terminate the contract. Few leasing companies accept that customers initiate early termination. Pay attention to the fine print here or agree on a special right of termination, provided that flexibility is also important to you when it comes to termination.

Tied to workshop in case of emergency

There are some advantages and disadvantages of car leasing from a financial point of view. But what does it look like if everything on your car does not work as it should. If the leasing contract still exists officially, tenants do not have the freedom to go to any workshop they trust with the car. Instead, you need to contact a provider that has been selected by the leasing company. Mostly it is a selected authorized workshop or a brand dealer. If there are additional costs or a certain additional effort due to a longer journey, you have no right to a refund or any other compensation for the inconvenience.