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Buy auto parts online

Buying auto parts on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. There are not only many cheap offers, but also a lot of reputable dealers. But how do you recognize a reputable dealer?

Many changes or repairs to your own vehicle can be carried out on your own. The Internet as a shopping source is enjoying increasing popularity not only in terms of tires and auto parts. The Internet is in no way inferior to brick-and-mortar retail in terms of convenience and price transparency.

Even if a lot of money can be saved on the Internet, supposed super bargains can always be enjoyed with a little caution. In addition, the quality differences are sometimes very large. In this article, we tell you what you need to consider if you want to buy tires or auto parts on the Internet.

Auto spare parts - what is the difference between original, replica or identical parts?

A basic distinction is made between auto parts and original parts or ident parts. The latter are often referred to as replica parts. In terms of quality, original parts from the manufacturer are of the highest quality. They are the same parts as the original equipment. Similarly, original parts are of course the most expensive. Related to the brand dealer, they are rather less easy to buy on the Internet.

So-called ident parts are offered as an alternative to original parts. The replicas are by no means equivalent spare parts. You should take a close look at safety-relevant components such as brake discs or pads before buying. You should refuse the cheapest offer, and we recommend that you inform yourself about the manufacturer and its ratings.

When purchasing ident parts, it may also happen that the service life does not correspond to that of original parts. The price advantage can shrink quickly.

Auto Parts - How to Find a Reputable Dealer

In the auto parts trade there are of course also black sheep. Their offers are not only particularly dubious, but can also have serious consequences if in doubt. These black sheep can be identified very quickly using certificates and evaluations.

Reputable auto parts shops, on the other hand, are characterized by transparent information and an orderly price structure. As a positive feature, the presence of imprint, contact options, general terms and conditions and instructions for revocation on the website should also be assessed. Established and reliable retailers often convince with a very large range of popular brands. The delivery time is completed within a few days.

What do you have to do with Auto spare parts purchase on the Internet respect, think highly of?

Once you have found a reputable supplier, the search for the desired automotive part can begin. Professional shop operators offer very convenient search functions for this purpose. Laypeople can quickly find the right spare part. By entering TSN or HSN and the year of construction of your car, you will find it even faster. Entering the OE number also provides very precise results when searching for professional providers.

The selection of common wear parts is often very large. Compare different offers on their quality features and their ratings. You should only buy safety-critical parts as original or high-quality ident parts, for example from Bosch, ATE or Knorr.

We do not recommend buying used auto parts.