Buying a car on the Internet

Buying a new car online is easy and cheap

When you buy a new car on the Internet, you can expect discounts of up to 40% or more on new cars: without hidden costs, without lengthy negotiations - but with attractive financing options such as cash payments, leasing or vario financing. Start a new car configuration, assemble your dream car online and choose your preferred payment method. Or check out the limited offers!

Buying a car online saves you time, nerves and money

Buying a new car in regular stores can be tedious, time consuming, and nerve wracking. Fortunately, there is another way to buy a car on the Internet - online, easy and cheap with a comparison of many dealers. Buy your new car conveniently from home or apply for financing for this car purchase at the same time - without numerous visits to the dealership, with direct model comparison and without tense price negotiations.

All new cars are supplied by German dealers who have been working successfully for years. Your advantage: simple communication, unlimited dealer and manufacturer guarantee.

Your profit when buying a car online at a glance

The main arguments for buying a car and thus your mobility are low prices and big discounts. Added to this are reliability, comprehensive service, brand-independent advice and many years of experience. That's why thousands of customers have trusted the new way of buying a car for more than ten years!

In detail, you can use the following advantages when buying a car on the Internet:

+ All brands and models with individual, brand-independent advice
+ All payment methods: cash purchase, leasing and vario financing
+ Comprehensive service from the model selection to the payment methods, delivery to the front door and coordination to the return of the vehicle at the end of the term
+ Unlimited guarantee and manufacturer's guarantee - only Auots from German dealers
+ Free advice and no agency fees when buying a car
+ High quality requirements for dealers
+ Additional discounts through combination with other bonuses and discounts (e.g. exchange, short-term approval, government bonuses, ...)
+ Special discounts for certain groups of people, e.g. B. novice drivers, people with disabilities, etc.

In other words: you are looking for your favorite model - and you will find it! Simple, free and without obligation.

Your path from the perfect offer to purchase

What is the fastest way to get a dream car? It depends on whether you know which model you want to drive or if you need help choosing a car?

One option: an auto configurator

Every start is difficult, even when buying a car. An auto configurator filters your dream car from hundreds of models according to your wishes and criteria.

+ Filter by make and model
+ Filter by vehicle type or design (e.g. small cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, etc.)

This selection shortens the list of candidates for the purchase of a car - from a few hundred to a few suitable, freely adaptable vehicle models. With several entries you can also compare models of several brands and apply for financing at the same time. Get information about the number of doors and seats, the efficiency class, the trunk volume, the type of transmission, the drive and the fuel consumption. A comparison of prices will help you choose and make the right decision.

Tips for those who want to compare models in the vehicle segment: You will find pre-filtered offers for all small cars, station wagons, sedans, convertibles, SUVs, family cars, sports cars and even commercial vehicles.

In addition to freely configurable models, you can also buy pre-configured cars. These offers are strictly limited and offer you particularly good discounts and attractive prices. In addition to the payment method (offer for cash, leasing and financing), you can filter the list of offers by car brand and vehicle type and find your ideal purchase offer.

Advice and expertise as a service

The expertise begins with brand-independent telephone, email or online advice (through direct contact and frequently asked questions). It ends with the automobile magazine and the selection of financing, in which you get the most important news from the automobile market with detailed information. Reviews of current models and helpful tips provide all the important answers to your questions about buying a car.

Tips and tricks for buying a new car

The modern auto market follows a fast pace. Manufacturers revise their models on average every four years - a new generation will follow in around eight years. Model service and generation change offer an excellent opportunity to receive exceptional discounts. When a model change is expected, manufacturers offer great discounts for the old generation of vehicles,

Buy the new car wisely

The ADAC regularly checks portals for new cars on the web. Only a few receive good grades. The problem with many portals: there are good discounts, but little transparency during the process of buying a car. If you want to save as much as possible, buy cars online. With ten examined online portals, the average discount is 18 percent compared to the official manufacturer price list. Traditional retailers were on average six percent more expensive than online offers. This was shown by the ADAC test. The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) discount study regularly offers similar values.

The automobile club noted large qualitative differences between some trusted providers. When buying a car on the Internet, the vehicle agency offers you cheap new cars for the German market with the best discounts in cooperation with more than 300 authorized dealers across the country. High discounts and premiums can lead to great price advantages. In addition, clients receive very good offers from manufacturer banks for vehicle financing. Your desired car will be ordered by a dealer, with whom you can contact in advance and confirm the purchase price.

A new car is an investment. However, retailers often grant substantial price list discounts. You can save even more online than at your nearest dealer. Some hosting portals promise a discount of up to 30 percent. For this purpose, you can get the same car advice over the phone. You can also assemble your dream car and get the usual warranty. Special financing is even possible when buying online. How much you can save depends on the car brand, model, equipment and what you can get from a car dealer.

How does buying a car online work?

New cars can be bought on the Internet via broker portals such as, Autohaus24, Carneoo or These service providers act as intermediaries for real car dealerships, with whom you as the buyer then conclude a sales contract. Even though they are dealers who operate a car dealership somewhere in Germany, you can get a higher discount on the Internet - without negotiating.

In 2017, ADAC found that online offers were on average 6 percent cheaper than a car dealership. How high the discounts are in the end depends very much on the car brand. Foreign manufacturers in particular, for example from Asia, are entering the German automotive market and are offering their models at a reduced price. Discontinued models are often also available with particularly high discounts. Individual new cars can be 40 percent cheaper than the list price. On average, cars online are 18 percent below the manufacturer's price. The monthly survey by the University of Duisburg-Essen even showed that the average discount was around 2019 percent in mid-20.

The Internet gives you the opportunity not only to have two or three car dealers submit an offer for your new car, but also dealers from all over Germany. And this is how it works: Online brokers will find a dealer for you who offers the greatest discount on your dream car. These brokers have an extensive network of car dealers across the country. Since stationary dealers want to achieve certain goals and sales indicators, every car sold is very important to them.

Particularly in regions with lower purchasing power, many retailers are under pressure to achieve their number of sales. Therefore, they not only offer cars in trading rooms, but also online. One of the reasons for the significant price reduction in 2020 is the exhaust gas scandal. Car manufacturers offer a variety of exchange or environmental awards.