Erlkönig: The Dacia becomes the LADA.

On large portals, the following Erlkönig photos are as Dacia Logan II traded. I'm not sure if we really see the Logan II here. Not because it was photographed with a notchback and notchback models cannot be sold in Germany - but simply because of the logo.

Now you could bring the DATSUN brand into play and consider whether we are seeing the first DATSUN for the European market. Renault partner Nissan also wants to return to Europe with a “low-cost brand”. But - despite all the good will to camouflage, the Erlkönig's logo looks a lot like the oval of the LADA brand.

DACIA or LADA Erlkönig?

For all who do not need a status symbol?

For a LADA also speaks the basic form of the model. In Russia, the classic sedan is still in demand. In addition, the car manufacturer of the Volga now belongs to 74% of the Renault-Nissan alliance. The caught Erlkönig will therefore probably have the DACIA technology, ie older Renault engines and gearbox, but as LADA come on the market.

This would fit a gasoline engine with a maximum of 90 PS and a diesel engine with equivalent 1.5 liter capacity. Usually, the force is then sent to the front axle via an 5 gearbox. At the length I would tap on just over four meters. If you look at the rear overhang, the low-cost Dacia will come up with plenty of room for luggage.




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