Fiskers new flounder comeback with Tesla-Fighter

Although the car designer Henrik Fisker with his project Fisker Karma in the year 2013 had to suffer economic shipwreck, the Dane is more involved in car manufacturing than ever. In addition to his involvement with VLF Automotive, the creator of the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9 is working under the name Fisker Inc. on an e-mobile that is set to set new standards.

The first pictures show a flat, sporty four-door with doors opening in opposite directions. Striking, crescent-shaped LED adaptive headlamps and a dramatically staged front with various air vents promise cool looks and enhanced dynamics. 265 km / h has already been announced by Fisker as top speed.

For a electric car a confident figure, but even more self-confident Fisker announces the Stromer even as a game changer. At least with regard to the battery technology, the vehicle is to initiate a paradigm shift that Fisker wants to have achieved with his company Nanotech. A new technology should allow comparatively small power storage devices with a long range. In addition, the batteries should be cheaper than, for example, those used by Tesla. Instead of the current lithium-ion technology, the designer wants to use graphene-based supercaps. The Dane promises a range window of over 400 miles, which is at least 640 kilometers.

Also a picture of the front of the upcoming e-mobile Fisker has already published on Twitter

Also a picture of the front of the upcoming e-mobile Fisker has already published on Twitter

In the bodywork, especially aluminum and carbon are to be used as materials, which promises a particularly low weight. In addition, Fisker has announced to equip the vehicle with a technology that will allow fully autonomous driving. The car designer has also suggested a price: The high-tech Stromer should cost about as much as a Tesla Model S in the top version. In Germany, the price of a 90D is slightly above 100.000 Euro.

It will take a little time, however, for a new Fisker-Stromer to be able to teach the competition fear. Next year, a prototype to be finished, but until a real series production can start, should pass significantly more time. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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