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Life is constant change. New comes, old goes - day by day. You have to adapt to move with the times, to be open, to change, maybe even to reinvent yourself.

So we get it almost daily in newspapers, posted on the Internet or television reports.

Do you really have to? Joachim Scheiner, geographer and researcher on spatial planning at the TU Dortmund, has this week published an interesting article on the structural change of mobility in the FAZ.

Honda vision 50 driving report Fabian


There he writes that the intensified reurbanization stands in stark contrast to the desire for freedom of previous generations: "Against the background of such biographical experiences, the decrease of mobility among younger adults is particularly remarkable. The defining things are now more: Internet, intercontinental flights, Facebook, smartphone."

You can be reached anytime, anywhere, quickly connected, you can attend meetings on the way, revise presentations and, in general, waste no time. After work either to the workout or the afterwork cocktail, always good socialize and networks with colleagues, partners and customers. And then you have to go home sometime, then take the subway.

They "today is less socially segregated than it was a few decades ago and has become a public place of encounter with the stranger, otherness, the place of Georg Simmel's blase, unnerved, yet contact-addicted big city, while the street is such a place in the age of Facebook and Amazon can barely be."

Because you can stretch it so well, observe the others and share the discoveries directly. Check in at the bus stop to collect points in foursquare. Stop. A meeting place that can hardly be the street in this age?

Mopped city traffic prosa


What a nonsense.

Perhaps no encounter with bag-carrying people wearing dubious eyeglass frames, but encounters with nature. With freedom.

And the incomparably good feeling of self-determination. You decide when you where and how fast. Of course, the car is only of limited help in this context, because no-one's really up for it, after a hard day in the office to face the endless line through the city center. But the solution is very simple: two wheels and off for it!

Rauf on the box, mark, go.

Leave the stress behind, congest the jam right away and just drive, feel, be free. Facebook feed updates are not interesting, whats-app-messages remain unanswered and even phone calls are not accepted - because this half-hour, if you the engine on the smallest movement on the gas handle on the column vorireißt, you own.

Okay, admittedly our Honda Vision 50 does not fit into the image of the melancholy iron rider his hardtail Harley shoots towards the sunset. Also other testosterone-pregnant ideals in which "Fought, fought, forged, boxed, dredged, shot and bare-chested with a pickaxe, (...) Cows caught and treachery knocked, whiskey drunk and tanks driven"Does not satisfy the innocent white scooter with big wheels.

But he is a beginning. He shows you how beautiful the world of individual traffic can still be today.

When the wind tugs on the beard, you hear the birds chirping (at 45km / h Vmax easily possible) and accurately at each traffic light between the cars through to the pole position fronds. You do not bother yourself about second-row parkers anymore, because you just slip past them, always stay on the gas, because the little motorbike feels at its best on 7000 tours and you get to know completely new sides of your city because you're constantly catching on it Turn left here or drive in to the right.

Not always with the current, but experience new ways. Use abbreviations, gain space.

And then it is there: freedom. The good feeling. The fun of getting around. Perhaps one should tell people more about it, let them share in that feeling and not always speak with a wagging finger about how dangerous motorcycling is, how impractical and in general.

Make it easy and have fun with it. By the way, the Vision 50 did not need five liters of fuel. On 230 kilometers!

The article by Fabian first appeared in his blog:


Images: Tobias Heil, fm
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