Pirelli's new year-round tire: Cinturato All Season

The warm sunshine of Taormina, the cold on the snow-covered summit of Mount Etna, the frost on the hilly roads of Acireale: Pirelli chose the island of Sicily for the European presentation of the new all-season tire Cinturato All Season. At this time of year you can find the characteristic and different weather conditions of all four seasons at the same time.

With the latest product, Pirelli is expanding its current portfolio with a tire that delivers consistently good performance all year round, meets all legal requirements and meets the highest safety standards on every road surface. The Cinturato All Season impresses with its excellent performance in summer and does not show any performance losses that otherwise often occur when driving with winter tires in hot conditions.

Even with the often moderate winter weather conditions that are typical in cities.
The tire copes very well. In fact, the Cinturato All Season shows its best performance in those weather and road conditions where driving both summer and winter tires would be a good compromise.

With the Cinturato All Season, Pirelli created a real universal tire that
Witness owner enables reliable mobility in all weather conditions. The driver also saves time because the traditional seasonal conversion is no longer necessary. In addition, the Pirelli Seal Inside technology ensures that you can continue your journey without interruption even if a nail or screw has penetrated the tire. Because the technology usually closes the hole automatically and the journey can continue.

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