Pirelli P Zero - Emotional Drive

Have you ever hiked in the mountains in the wrong shoes? No? Neither do I. But for me it is because I don't go hiking in the mountains. Yes, for the excursion on the topic: "How important is actually a car tire“I would like to stick to this example.

If you go hiking in the mountains, you usually don't do so in slippers or high heels. Sneakers are also unsuitable for this. You need (I know it from hearing & saying) particularly comfortable, sturdy shoes that give you a good grip and support and also protect your foot. It looks different again when you hike in the snow. Then you need high, well-lined, very warm shoes. On the beach, you only need a few thin bathing slippers.

If you think about it a little, you quickly realize how important it is to choose the right shoes in different situations - and the same is true with the tires on our cars.

There are 2 tire types, as we already know why and why you need them: winter and summer tires.

But there are more “specialists” in the tire sector. For example sports tires.

Pirelli P Zero

Those who prefer fast cornering in the dry with their car are looking for a “sporty tire” that delivers special performance in this area. And anyone who drives speeds of 1.5+ km / h with a tin box weighing more than 200 tons - you also need a tire that can withstand these demands and does not give the feeling that you have gone hiking in the mountains with high heels.

The story of the Pirelli P Zero begins around 1987 when Ferrari was looking for particularly sporty high-performance tires for the F40 super sports car. And so Ferrari asked Pirelli and there they started to tinker and came out: the first Pirelli P Zero. 25 years have passed since then and in 2000 the P Zero family came out with the “Rosso” for Porsche, the Zero Corsa between 2003 and 2007 and now the “P Zero” again for Porsche, McLaren and Lamborghini.

Because sporty premium tires are also manufactured for different requirements, the P Zero family is now quite a large one: In addition to the P Zero Nero, there is the Silver, the Rosso, the “System” and the “Corsa System”. Each type of tire is a specialist for itself and the required requirements.

The manufacturers also know this and so McLaren delivers its new super sports car MP4-12 in series with Pirelli sports tires from the P Zero series, for example. But Porsche also relies on Pirelli sports tires for the 20 ″ frosted versions of the Carrera S 991.

An incredible 53 million P Zero have been sold so far - a number that speaks for itself. 

P Zero sports tires - black magic?

In Valencia, on the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, I got the opportunity to drive the current P-Zero myself. Not on any cars - no on two McLaren and Lamborghini super sports cars. My driving report - no better - you can find my brief emotional self-discovery in the ground-to-ground cruise missile from Sant'Agata behind this link.

To evaluate the Pirelli P Zero, the vehicles were breathlessbeconsuming.

Seriously - anyone who brakes for the first time in a 700 hp super sports car from 258 km / h into a curve and tries not to let the professional racing driver hurry too far in advance is trying hard to maintain inner balance and not to fall into a hustle and bustle. My ability to absorb the quality of the tires was rather “poor”.

But I remember well that on the Porsche Carrera S, which I fuh on the Sachsenringr - Pirelli P Zero were installed. Unfortunately, I didn't concentrate on the tires there - but I remember how awesome I found the entire Porsche and Pirelli tire package.

It would be hotter, you could find out what is really behind the benefits of premium tires .. in blind test with other tire models .. like in the snow, in the wet and of course on dry slopes. Let's see what the future holds.




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