Pirelli's 18 inch wheels - the right size for the 1 formula?

After the Formula 1 GP at Silverstone, the Lotus team went out on the track with a new set of wheels. The tire manufacturer Pirelli, the sole supplier of Formula 2011 since 1, brought an 18-inch tire to the test. The tire manufacturer would like such a development because one thing must be clear: Equipping the entire Formula 1 with its own tire brand is not done for reasons of selflessness. You use the reach and worldwide interest in the premier class to advertise your own brand. But who drives around with 13-inch balloon tires? Nobody - just the current Formula 1.

18-inch for Formula 1 - One opinion

Is it time for a wheel set in the premier class, which again bridges the gap to our production vehicles? I mean yes! When I was the first Photos from the 18-inch wheelset test from Silverstone saw, I was immediately in love!

I am probably not alone with this opinion - so wrote Fabian from autophoria: With that, the layman would also recognize the connection between series and motorsport. But there are also dissenting voices. Hardliners who seem to see the change in Formula 1 as the ultimate break with motorsport tradition.


[... I think these tires look pretty stupid on a formula racing car. …. ]

[... Instead of larger rims, I could imagine even making the rims on the front axle smaller ...]

[... But Pirelli (or any other tire manufacturer) doesn't get a bit more attention when the F1 rolls on 18 ″ tires ...]

[... I think the proximity to series production is gross nonsense….]

Tom Schwede of 1300ccm.de

Well - there is no meaningful discussion about design. Maybe when it comes to classic forms of automobiles and how to style modern small cars. It may still work there. The question of whether the 18-inch wheels on the F1 look good or not, everyone will have to answer for themselves. I think: Formula 1 clearly wins with this layout.  And it gets even bigger. 

In his article, Tom explains that Formula 1 would suffer from the changes. The new regulations for the 2014 season are responsible for a cruel design of the current vehicles. Ugly coati and probably the strangest front wing variants ever. Well - of course, Tom is not wrong, the current design of the F1 racers, especially when it comes to the nose, is a medium disaster. Cars with penis faces and vagina muzzles instead of an aesthetic front wing design. But that has nothing to do with the tires. Formula 1 is always subject to a new technical tender. This is part of the spirit and urgently needed to keep challenging the teams. It is part of the cat-and-mouse game between the rule-keepers and the masterminds in the teams. Even the current development, efficiency instead of maximum performance, can become a victory factor - you may not find it good as a racing fan at first, but in the end it doesn't bother the sport. The racers are still fighting for places and the engineers are working more than ever on the technical solutions.

Larger wheels also allow larger braking systems, larger braking systems, with more grip could provide more tension when overtaking. What the F1 needs is more grip. More static grip, less downforce grip, no slipstream duels, but overtaking maneuvers due to real braking situations. And when F1 drives with rims that you recognize as such, with tires that you could buy (yes, yes, highest theory), then that is good for the show.

18 inch formula 1 tires 2-_18_Zoll_Reifen_am_Lotus tire test lotus pirelli

No - Formula 1 and motorsport itself is more than the sum of the rules. 

And motorsports has always been part of a brand strategy. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday - but who should buy the 13-inch tires? A tire manufacturer does not differ from its competitors in terms of shape and color. Tires are black and they are round.

In order to justify the enormous costs of Formula 1, marketing must be able to market the commitment. The 18 or even 19-inch large rims are the right way! And if you also implement a change in the driving dynamics of the cars, that is the right result again. Because the change is part of the formula 1. The Challenge Forms 1 consists of two parts: the drivers and their talent and the racing team and their performance.

With larger changes to the regulations, this will definitely lead a top team to drive behind them.

And that also increases the tension and more tension is always good, right?

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