120 Years ABT Sportsline: Innovation and Tradition II

Yesterday we showed you the first two anniversary models from ABT Sportsline, now the remaining two are coming. And these two really have it all, as the base is already blessed with good sporting talents. We're talking about the Audi TTS and the somewhat more “civil” TT. The ABT Sportsline team from Kempten have created two eye-catching cars for their 120th company anniversary, which bring a large portion of driving fun.

Yes, the Audi TTS is by no means a child of sadness. But with ABT POWER technology there are now 370 racy horses under the sharp-edged hood of the Ingolstadt, which - for the sake of correctness - corresponds to 272 kW. As standard, however, the 2.0 liter turbo already delivers 310 hp and delivers well. The torque increases moderately from 380 to 460 Nm. Nevertheless, the top speed after the increase in performance is a bit sobering: At 265 km / h, the ABT TTS is now 15 km / h faster than the series vehicle, which was sealed off at 250 km / h.

The interior of the ABT TTS remains almost unaffected
The interior of the ABT TTS remains virtually untouched

On the other hand, the optics are much more convincing and sharpen the already dynamic series properly. The ABT TTS is painted in the same way as the ABT SQ3, which we briefly introduced yesterday. The body appears in Daytona gray and is enhanced by a silver foil and red elements. The huge radiator grille in particular wears the red and is reminiscent of a mouth made up with lipstick. Of course, the birthday logo should not be missing. Otherwise, a front apron specially designed for the anniversary model, mirror caps, a striking rear wing and a rear apron set await the viewer. Here the four-pipe exhaust system is neatly integrated and demonstrates the athlete's potential. The picture is rounded off by 20-inch TYPE CR wheels, which correspond to the color theory of the body.

abt-sport line-tts-dd-jubilaeum-2016-my-car-blog-5
Gray, red and black: these are the colors of the Jubi models by ABT Sportsline

But also the more civil version, the Audi TT, was touched and optimized by ABT. The upgraded version now delivers 310 hp instead of the standard 230 hp and boasts a torque of 440 Nm. The series is 370 Nm. The top speed is 260 km / h and is only five kilometers per hour below the doped TTS. Has ABT created competition in-house here?

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