ABT AS6-R - Avanti racetrack

Beautiful station wagons have a name. Powerful too. With a station wagon you can either drive to the hardware store, on vacation or on the race track. At least if you have an ABT station wagon called AS6-R. In the case of the station wagon from Kempten, we are talking about an Audi S600 Avant that has strengthened to 6 hp. Not that the production Audi S6 is threatened by an acute performance problem, but the sports estate that already has 420 hp in series production gets an impressive performance cure from ABT in the Allgäu. And all among us: You can never have enough performance.

The fastest cargo space on the train

With 600 PS, the ABT AS6-R even performs more than the Audi RS6. A clever option for Audi S6 buyers to sharpen their own sports suit again!

AS6 R parking lot

Station wagon or sports car? Why or? With the ABT version of the Audi S6 Avant, the already sporty station wagon becomes a first-class steam hammer for fast and entertaining motorway sections. 


Who owns his Audi S6 in the hands of ABT technicians there is an extremely powerful station wagon in return with the AS6-R. With a new front apron, a two-part rear spoiler and powerful side skirts, the decidedly elegant S6 becomes a noble and sporty ABT AS6-R. 21-inch forged wheels make the racetruck stand powerfully on the road. A plus of 180 hp compared to the factory S6 and still 40 hp more than the Audi RS6 series are the result of the performance cure in the Allgäu.

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Series Power:

420 PS

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Tuning version:

600 PS

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310+ km / h

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AS6-R long-range bomber

And so he goes:

A production Audi S6 Avant is already a wonderful car for long journeys. The V8 Bi-Turbo delivers enough thrust to relax and maintain a cruising speed while the passenger planes prepare to leave the runway towards the sky. Thanks to the all-wheel drive available in series, S-pilots don't have to worry about grip. In connection with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission, impressive intermediate sprints can be inserted. The series S6 brings a pleasant combination of sportiness and long-distance comfort. The ABT AS6-R can do everything better. The thrust of the performance-enhanced bi-turbo pushes you vehemently into the excellent sports stalls, the sports exhaust changes from a deep rumble to an acoustic gala performance for the euphonic sounding 8 pots of the AS6-R.

With 750 Nm every intermediate sprint - even from 250 to 300 km / h is just a matter of moments. The ABT AS6-R accelerates regardless of the road surface. The ABT AS6-R shrinks the time for the sprint from 0-100 km / h to the brief moment of 3.9 seconds.

While the S6 series runs into the production limit at 250 km / h, the AS6-R sprints effortlessly over the 300 km / h mark on the odometer.

For one entertaining trip to Goodwood I could not imagine a better car. On German highways, you can use every void to feel the immense power of the V8 bi-turbo. At the same time, the Avant offers enough space to carry four people and their luggage, thanks to the standard air suspension, still comfortably over the long distance.

AS6-R Touring Vehicle

The ABT AS6-R is a racetruck for the long haul.

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