ABT Audi AS7 - sporty decadence

It is the exciting lines of the Audi A7 that have already cast a spell over me. For me personally, the Audi A7 is truly the most beautiful form of a hatchback. A large four-door coupe? Clearly - my choice falls on the Audi A7. (The CLS Shooting Brake will soon be on the test drive ... * brooding *)

Some time ago, a handful of bloggers were able to wander through the ABT factory in the Allgäu and then drive some pieces of jewelery from the Haus & Hof tuners for VW and Audi products. Including an Audi AS7 with the 3 liter V6 supercharged engine. For me, the AS7 was already a fine piece of automotive technology back then. Even if the V6 compressor is not my first choice. The colleagues Sebastian and Fabian had used the opportunity for a round in the AS7 as well. You can also safely click on their contributions.

But now ABT lays down:

ABT AS7 - "High performance & elegance"

520PS. Currently one speaks of a performance of at least 520PS - because the final tests have not yet been completed. 520PS and 650Nm from the V8 engine should ultimately be responsible for ensuring that you have just as much fun on the Nordschleife as on long travel stages. If you believe the first reports from the Allgäu, the AS7 should act deliberately.

Well, I'm curious. I would also drive an 520PS AS7 immediately .. if the fuel card is included 😉


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