Allgäu over-combo - ABT RS6 AVANT

In the past, station wagons were simply donkeys that carried the utensils of artisans here and there. Today, this type of vehicle is self-confident and independent, combines the usefulness in leisure and work with elegant design. And in the case of the ABT RS6 with more than just a dash of sportiness. "Our version of the Audi RS6 Avant is striking, without showing off, shows relaxed understatement and sets technical exclamation marks," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt. For the CEO of the renowned refiner, the RS6 is the current culmination point, that is, what is technically possible. "This car fully meets the diverse wishes and needs of premium customers," says Hans-Jürgen Abt. And the buyers of such an exceptional vehicle want a travel companion, a powerful "pack donkey" and a piece of sports equipment - and all of this without compromising anywhere to have to.

Thanks to ABT POWER S and decades of experience in motorsport, the ABT RS6 is an extremely dynamic station wagon. With 700 PS (515 kW), the luxury transporter has an impressive 25 percent more power than the series vehicle, which is delivered with 560 PS (412 kW). Depending on the Vmax increase, the top speed is up to 320 km / h. This is made possible by the use of the innovative ABT engine control unit, the ABT exhaust system and sensitive modifications to the engine management. The torque increases to 880 Nm - the chic station wagon from the Allgäu not only pulls the proverbial sausage off the plate, but also the entire butcher's shop if necessary. The bolide shoots to 3,4 km / h in just 100 seconds. Also the ABT POWER Version does not hide its racing genes: 666 hp (490 kW) and a torque of 830 Nm also ensure impressive values.

The ABT RS6 has what it takes to be a car icon. Just looking at the mirror caps made of carbon fiber reveals that the “Sport” is capitalized in the word “transport”. In combination with the stainless steel silencer system with the two striking tailpipes and the suspension springs, the ABT RS6 has a subtle, more dynamic effect. "This vehicle is a wolf in sheep's clothing," is how Hans-Jürgen Abt describes the super sports car in a classy "tailored suit". The appearance is complemented by the weight-optimized design wheels ABT ER-C in the appropriate 9,5 x 20 or 10 x 22 inches. Even when stationary, the five double spokes show the irrepressible forward thrust that characterizes the potent 4.0 TFSI after the strength cure: One strut is bent per pair, which symbolizes movement. Of course, this premium wheel for particularly fast automobiles is also available in combination with high-performance supersport tires. The ABT RS6 sets standards, it is the perfect mix of sportiness, elegance and utility - this car can do everything.

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