For the sporty farmer - The new ABT HOLMER Terra Variant

For the sporty farmer - The new ABT HOLMER Terra Variant

Almost everyone knows that ABT Sportsline is the world's leading refiner for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. But with the ABT HOLMER Terra Variant, the Allgäu officially begin a partnership with the renowned Bavarian agricultural machinery company. “Two years ago I got to know the HOLMER crew on the sidelines of the DTM race at the Norisring. It was immediately clear to us that we should bring our engineering skills together, ”explains Hans-Jürgen Abt, CEO of ABT Sportsline. The first result of the joint development work is 10,25 meters long, 3,98 meters high, has a center distance of 4,80 meters and already looks impressive from the start. In the ABT version, the HOLMER Terra Variant is not just a system tractor, but also a real sports man - a mega SUV, dynamic, powerful and very versatile. True to the motto "Farmer is looking for power", ABT brings the vehicle, which is not exactly weak as standard, to busy.

The ABT HOLMER Terra Variant is available in two stages. Because if the farmer tenses the horses, there may be a few more horses. Instead of 490 HP (360 kW) there are now 580 HP (427 kW). The 612 hp (450 kW) diesel engine is particularly powerful: the ABT HOLMER Terra Variant GTS delivers an impressive 870 hp (640 kW) on the furrow and the torque increases from 2.800 Nm to an enormous 4.700 Nm. This is made possible by optimized engine management and an ABT quad turbo specially developed for the Terra. At the same time, ABT raises the Vmax limit from 40 km / h to 60 km / h, while HOLMER adapts the pumps and additional units to the new speed. So the farmer works even more effectively and is at home faster.

The ABT HOLMER Terra Variant GTS in particular is also optimized for use in racing: spoilers, pipes, slope supports, hydraulic control lines EHR, tanks and other peripheral parts are made of extremely light GRP and optimized for perfect weight distribution. Because in 2013 two Terra Variant GTS with slurry tanks will be launched as part of the GTM (slurry tractor masters). The first run will take place on April 22nd on a 150 hectare site in Waghäusel near Hockenheim. "Our ABT HOLMER Terra Variant GTS is a real winner and will continue our successful motorsport history," says Hans-Jürgen Abt.


Edit: This message was published on April 1, 2013 - only as a hint 😉

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