ADAC winter tire test 2022

ADAC summer tire test_Contidrom_September 18-19, 2012

In the new ADAC winter tire test, most of the candidates scored "good" or "satisfactory". However, there are also some failures.

SP-X/Munich. Anyone who wants to buy new car winter tires for the cold season could use the latest ADAC winter tire test as a guide. The automobile club tested a total of 33 models from various manufacturers in the small car format 185/65 R15 (T) and in the dimension 215/60 R16 (compact SUV). In addition to a number of well-rated and solid tires, there are also some defective specimens. Instead of just looking at the overall score, the ADAC also recommends a critical comparison in the braking distance and wear categories.

In the case of the small car tires, there were even two test subjects who were rated “poor”.

As special low-wear models with mileages in excess of 40.000 kilometers, the Sava Eskimo HP215, Matador MP60 Nordica and Michelin Alpin 16 are named in the 2/93 R6 category. The Coopertires WM-SA24.000, on the other hand, is already worn out after around 2 kilometers of driving, which, also due to moderate performance, takes last place in the 215/60-R16 ranking with an overall grade of 3,7. Test winner in the SUV category is the Continental Winter Contact TS870 with an overall grade of 2,1. The Dunlop Winter Sport 2,1 was also rated 3. The Goodyear UltraGrip Perfomance+ and the Michelin Alpin 3 follow in third and fourth place, each with an overall grade of 4.

With one exception, the SUV winter tires were rated "good" or "fair".

In the Compact Car Tires a tire from Continental also won with the Wintercontact. Like the second and third place finishers Goodyear UltraGrip 9 models and Semperit Speed-Grip 5 he received an overall rating of 2,2. The Michelin Alpin 6 was also rated “good”, coming in 4th place. The Michelin is also recommended with the second-shortest braking distance from 80 to 0 km/h on wet asphalt. At 37,7 meters, he was only beaten by the Bridgestone Blizzak ML005 (36,2 m), which ended up in 3,0th place with an overall score of 7. Particularly long braking distances were measured for the Imperial Snowdragon HP (45,7 m) and Wanli SW611 (47,7 m) models. In the overall ranking, both subjects ended up at the bottom with the grades 5,3 and 5,5.

Mario Hommen / SP-X

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