Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

Those in charge will not be proud of everything that Alfa has tackled in the last few decades. The beautiful Giulia is definitely a positive exception. In the limited versions GTA and GTAm, the classic limousine is now even becoming a circuit beast.

Alfa Romeo - the name still arouses great emotions, not only among italophile Tedeschi, despite some technical mistakes in the last few decades. With vehicles such as the mid-range SUV Stelvio or the timelessly elegant sedan Giulia, the brand has also found its way back to its course for several years, even if this is not necessarily reflected in great sales success. In Germany, for example, there were just around 1.000 Alfisti in the first four months of the year who wanted to get involved in a new car liaison with the brand.
That can hardly be due to the fundamentally positive image and the quality (meanwhile) is also good. Maybe Alfa Romeo just disappeared from the screen a little. If it were so, she could reappear on this one soon. Because the special model Giulia GTA and its even hotter sister Giulia GTAm are unlikely to polish up the sales statistics in view of sales prices from 173.000 euros and a limitation to 500 copies, but the image.

Driving performance remains about the same

The pure technical data doesn't seem to be that spectacular at first. Compared to the civilian top model of the series, the all-wheel-drive 2.9 Quadrifoglio, the engineers could or wanted to squeeze 30 hp more out of the six-cylinder, but the 540 hp are no small thing. The maximum torque of 2.500 Newton meters at 600 rpm even remained unchanged, as did the performance more or less: The GTA managed 100 km / h from standstill in 3,8 seconds, only a tenth faster than the production model, the more consistent GTAm gets two more tenths out. The top speed is given as 300 km / h, which is 9 km / h below the normal V6 in favor of greater downforce and thus higher cornering speeds.
So it is already clear: The price increase to more than double the list price of 84.000 euros is certainly not due to these figures. Rather, Alfa has gone to great lengths elsewhere and turned a beautiful sports sedan into a snappy racer for the circuit.

Wider track and new settings

The two main points in addition to the increase in performance achieved by a titanium exhaust system are weight and aerodynamics. In order to optimize the latter, they even want to have used synergies from the Formula 1 cooperation with Sauber. The track was widened by 5 centimeters at the front and rear, and the springs, shock absorbers and chassis bearings were retuned.
In addition, the GTA with an empty weight of 1.605 kilograms is around 75 kilograms lighter than the production model; the GTAm version saves another 25 kilograms by eliminating the rear seat system and using polycarbonate plastic, which is often used in motorsport, for the side and rear windows. The bonnet, roof, cardan shaft, front bumper and the front and rear fender flares are made of carbon fiber, as are the bucket seats. Together with a number of other small-scale measures, this results in a weight reduction of up to 100 kilograms. The result: In the Giulia GTA one PS has to cope with a weight of 2,97 kg, with the GTAm it is only 2,93 kg.
What sounds a bit like hoisting the numbers turns out to be clearly noticeable on the circuit. The GTAm we drive, always equipped with a roll bar and six-point seat belt, gets going like the fire brigade, but that's no surprise. More likely how big the difference to the also all-wheel drive, very sporty production model is. The Über-Alfa impresses with a sharp but incredibly precise steering, with which the vehicle can be guided playfully and neutrally through curves. The relatively low weight is particularly noticeable when braking into and accelerating out of tight corners. Only the eight-speed automatic transmission cannot always keep up with this speed.
The great handling has its price, of course. GTA and GTAm are much harder to match compared to their normal sister model. If you want to use this Alfa as an everyday device for the required 173.000 or 178.000 euros, you not only have to have a well-filled account - or a trustworthy banker - but also have a healthy back. 

The promised limitation of 500 pieces for both variants even promises a certain collector's potential. On the other hand, you will hardly ever really see the model in traffic, which means that the hoped-for image boost for the brand may not be that big after all. But as I said: the normal Giulia is also a beautiful, elegant limousine - and comparatively affordable too.


Five-door, four-seater sports sedan; Length: 4,65 (4,76) meters, width: 1,92 meters (with exterior mirrors: 2,02 meters), height: 1,40 meters, wheelbase: 2,82 meters, empty weight: 1.605 (1.580) kg
2,9-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine; 397 kW / 540 PS, maximum torque: 600 Nm at 2.500 rpm, 0-100 km / h: 3,8 (3,6) s, 0-200 km / h: 12 (11,9) s, Vmax : 300 km / h, standard consumption: 10,8 liters / 100 kilometers, CO2 emissions: 244 g / km, efficiency class: G, emissions standard: Euro 6d
Price: 173.000 (178.000) euros

In brief

Why: fiery engine, fantastic chassis, impressive optics
Why not: too sporty for everyday life, almost too good for the circuit, expensive 
What else: the normal Giulia 2.9 Q4 - at half the price
When does it come: can be ordered now, limited to 500 copies

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