Driving Report: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turismo 2.0 JTDM 16V

She looks damn good. Not only do the men turn to look at her, the women are also very enthusiastic about the elegant appearance of the Giulietta. And you can't tell by looking at it: the Giulietta turned 60 last year. The compact model had great success in the 50s and 60s, it made Alfa a mass brand. First there is the independent, unmistakable and extremely attractive look. Between the Scudetto - that is the name of the emblem-shaped radiator grille that has become a trademark - and the firm bottom lie 4,35 meters of sporty elegance. Refined: hidden rear door handles make the five-door look like a three-door.


Alfa Romeo offers the latest generation of the Giulietta a stylish facelift 

In the driving report:

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turismo 2.0 JTDM 16V

Driving dynamics improvements

Dynamic presentation
Dynamic presentation

During the first rides, we discovered that the new Giulietta not only lays potholes and bumps on the road very well, but also offers good overall stability and comfortable handling. The electromechanical power steering system reduces fuel consumption by up to three percent with its direct response to every maneuver. In addition, the speed-dependent control allows more driving dynamics and safety and gives the driver more support through light steering impulses, which should bring the vehicle back on track. Behind the scenes is the steering assistant DST (Dynamic Steering Control). Should the driver fail to control, the Stability Program (VDC) intervenes to "defuse" the situation.

The newly revised turbodiesel engine is used in the engine compartment. Alfa Romeo donated the previously 140 hp diesel engine 10 hp more power and instead of the previous 350 now a full 380 Nm of torque. More power than the competition in its class can offer. In addition, it was possible to reduce the consumption of this engine variant by 0,3 l to 4,2 l / 100 km. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of 110 g / km. The power range of the Giulietta ranges from 77 kW / 105 PS to 173 kW / 235 PS petrol engines. The diesel variants get by with three power levels (77kW / 105 PS, 110kW / 150 PS, 125 kW / 170 PS). In addition to the very crisp and sporty 6-speed manual transmission, the two most powerful petrol and diesel variants (173kW / 235 PS, 125 kW / 170 PS) have a twin clutch transmission (Twin Clutch Technology).

Fine useful security features

Fine useful security features
Fine useful security features

Not only the comfort of the Giulietta was worked on, also on the safety equipment has been greatly refitted by the Italians. So we not only find the usual number of airbags for the driver, passenger and passengers in the rear seats, also active head restraints are standard on board. On top come the very useful driving stability control (VDC) including anti-lock braking system (ABS) as well as a differential lock (Electronic Q2), a traction control system (ASR), a Hill Hill-Holder and a Cam Brake Control (CBC).

The latter feature further increases the directional stability when braking in bends just before the ABS system intervenes. We were able to test this with smaller driving maneuvers, which increased the driving pleasure in the Giulietta many times over. If we set the selector lever of the vehicle setting to "Dynamic", we suddenly sit in a vehicle that already simulates the "go-kart feeling".

Equipment with whistle that is affordable

Equipment with whistle that is affordable
Equipment with whistle that is affordable

In the interior we experience the usual attention to detail. All information for the driver is very easy to read and neither the cockpit itself nor the fittings appear overloaded. The newly developed generation of Uconnect® infotainment offers a 5 '' touchscreen even in the basic version. Further characteristics of this system are: radio, CD / MP3 player, Bluetooth® interface including voice control and Bluetooth® audio streaming, hands-free telephone system, an SMS reader for smartphones, USB and AUX-IN connections and menus for querying and controlling important vehicle data.

When it comes to trunk volume, we do not encounter a maximum in full seating with 350 liters. But if you work out the back seat, you will find stately and for this segment more than adequate 1.045 liters.

The pricing of the Giulietta is very clear. Thus, the Italian manufacturer can start the vehicle with an 105 PS gasoline engine and smallest equipment variant "Impression" at € 19.250. For a surcharge of € 2.400, the customer already receives a diesel generator for the same power. The full Alfa Power including a more than lush equipment finds the customer in 1.8 TBI 16V "Quadrifoglio Verde" at 235 PS performance again. Here, however, a price of € 29.950 beats.

Conclusion: love is in the detail

Love is in the detail
Love is in the detail

In the newly revamped version of the Giulietta, the customer will find a vehicle designed and produced with great attention to detail. On the one hand, we experience a lot of driving pleasure, partly because of features such as cornering brake control, and secondly through efficient and fuel-efficient engines. Especially the diesel we tested with 150 horsepower and 380 Nm allows not only sporty but also economical driving. The chassis with its timeless design completes this vehicle as a very successful and with a "wow" effect.

Technical data: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turismo 2.0 JTDM 16V

Manufacturer: Alfa Romeo
Type: Juliet
Cashbox: compact class
Engine: R4
Transmission: 6-speed manual transmission
Drive: front-wheel drive
displacement: 1.956 cc
Power:  from 150 HP
torque: 380 Nm
Weight ready to drive: 1.320 kg
From 0 of 100: 8.8 s
Top speed .: 210 km/h
Consumption (NEDC): 4,2 liter
CO2 output (NEDC) 110 g / km
Emission class EU 5 +
efficiency A
CW value: -
Comment -

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