News: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - On the short reins around the curve

Alfa also offers the 4C topless

There is hardly a coupé that has a convertible variant like that Alfa Romeo 4C. Now the open version under the name Spider is actually coming onto the market. For 72.000 euros.

The Alfa Romeo 4C also cuts a good figure in the second body version: slim cut, with heavily emphasized wheel arches and the soft, flowing roof line, which does not spoil the tight fabric roof. With its dimensions of just under four meters in length, 1,86 meters in width and 1,18 meters in height, the Spider is almost identical to the Coupé version. The full-LED headlights are new, but can also be ordered as an extra for the coupé. The 177 kW / 237 PS strong mid-engine sits directly behind the two slim sports seats and drives the rear wheels, in the rear sparse 110 liters of trunk volume are waiting for loading. When the trip is open, a large part of it is occupied by the roof. The fuel consumption is specified with 6,9 liters.

Such a car doesn't have to be practical. The Spider turns out to be a pure driving machine. Which is not only due to its turbocharged four-cylinder, which draws 1,75 Nm of torque from just 350 liters. Above all, the low weight makes it incredibly agile, whole 45 kilograms heavier than the coupe, it has a slim 940 kilogram. In swift 4,5 seconds, the engine in combination with a six-speed dual clutch transmission accelerates the spider from 0 to 100 km / h, 257 km / h top speed is possible with the roof closed. This looks extremely stable, but causes stronger wind noise.

The steering behavior of the 4C is exemplary; as guided by the short rein, the Spider throws itself into the curves. Precise steering only requires a strong hand when maneuvering, and power steering is dispensed with for weight reasons. The fact that the suspension still offers a certain level of comfort is an honor for the suspension set-up. Nevertheless, the 4C Spider is not a car for every day, but rather a fun car for those who can afford it.

Author: Michael Kirchberger / SP-X


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