News: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - carbon convertible for 72.000 euros

Alfas 4C Spider costs 72.000 Euro

With a base price of 72.000 Euro is now the Alfa Romeo 4 C Spider at the German dealers. The open mid-engine sports car, like the coupé that has been available since the end of 2013, is powered by an 177 kW / 240 PS strong 1,8 liter turbo gasoline engine. Thanks to its lightweight carbon construction, the four-cylinder accelerates the two-seater to 4,5 in 100 seconds, and a maximum of 258 km / h is possible. The fuel consumption is the manufacturer with 6,9 liters on 100 kilometers.

The surcharge for the convertible compared to the coupe is just under 10.000 euros. Alfa had recently increased the base price of the closed model by almost 12.000 euros to 62.200 euros. To compensate, there were more facilities, such as in the form of air conditioning and a sound system. Both items can also be found on board the Spider. Among the competitors of the driving fun car include luxury athletes such as the Porsche Boxster (from 49.957 Euro) and the Jaguar F-Type Convertible (from 72.000 Euro), but also puristic lightweight exotics such as the Lotus Elise (from 40.940 Euro).

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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