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Build sexy little cars? Can the Italians. And yet, or simply because the world does not want to understand it, this is exactly what the Alfa Romeo label will say goodbye to. It's a little sad. The future at Alfa Romeo should, however, be directed forward into the past. This is wonderful news. More independence again, more performance, more class. Away from the Fiat extravaganza. Towards vowed consecrations with Maserati and Ferrari genes. And with that in mind, it was time to pay full attention to the little MiTo again. Especially when it comes to the top model. The MiTo QV TCT in the driving report.

Schnatter again

In the test and driving report:

Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde

90 years of sporting passion. No Alfa Romeo article without reference to the Targa Florio victory 1923 and the story behind the clover leaf for the QV models. No items? But. This. Because the MiTo QV is interesting enough to speak for itself.

The nose is of course shaped by typical Alfa optics and also the stub tail has stretched the bridge to the more passionate Alfa models with the characteristic round light. To draw a nice small car is no easy task. Too little space, so many restrictions. In the case of the Mito, it helped to make the rear track neatly wide. So, from this perspective, he seems really brawny. At the front, it's rather sympathetic headlights that faithfully wink at us.

The driven MiTo wants to not only mimic the handsome, but with performance and driving pleasure points. That should be possible with the 170 PS turbo engine under the short hood.

Alfa romeo M; ito QV Driving Report View from behind

This is how the cheeky little Italian drives

With a lively, tight chassis, every tour overland feels much more entertaining. As a sports enthusiast, the MiTo got the option of a chassis with adaptive dampers. You can order, you don't have to. However, the “driving pleasure switch” in Italian is always on board.

Alfa Romeo calls this switch DNA. You can switch back and forth between “dynamic”, “normal” and “all weather”. The result is particularly noticeable in the engine's throttle response and in the shifting strategy of the double-clutch transmission, known as the TCT. If you choose the “winter button”, you drive easily and with a not particularly biting engine through everyday life. In the efficiency test, we also did the most economical lap with this setting! In the “dynamic mode” suddenly a completely different Italian diva comes to life under the stylish matt paintwork. The 1.4 Turbo is sensitive to the wishes of the driver - the transmission shifts through the gears a little too briskly. Downshifting a gear or two, that happens earlier now. With the “dynamic” something like hectic pace moves into the little hut. As is so often the case - just leave the switch on “Normal” and everything is fine. The best compromise.

On angled highways, the small MiTo QV is in its element, so between 60 and 140 km / h he rages with the powerful turbo engine just as effectively through the landscape. On the brake, the Brembo stoppers remain full of effect without fear and blame, and they also feel good to dose.

That the MiTo with winter tires (Pirelli Sottozero) came to the test, of course, has limited the top speed.

Alfa romeo Mito qv engine room


[tabgroup] [tab title = ”Everyday driver”] In everyday life, consumption values ​​around 7.5 liters are feasible .. [/ tab] [tab title = ”Eco-Expert”] Turbo runs, Turbo ..? - Exactly. We couldn't manage less than 6.4. [/ Tab] [tab title = ”Without consideration”] Turbo works - Turbo is thirsty. If you are in a hurry, you can push the small QV over the 10.0 mark! [/ Tab] [/ tabgroup]

Driving pleasure al dente

With 7.5 seconds to 100 km / h, the MiTo QV is not a scarer, but the driving pleasure in the small Italian also stems more from the good seating position, the grippy - if somewhat too large steering wheel - and the good feedback from the damping. Equipped in this way, the 170 hp from the 1.4 liter MultiAir engine can be used well.

The fact that the TCT gearbox still pushes itself into the foreground through cheeky and self-determined shifting even in “manual” mode is annoying - it would have been nicer here if the MiTo would leave the driver to choose.

The brisk rides over land one commits then rather in pairs. Maximum. Of course, the MiTo QV has a rear seat, but this punishment bench is not really fun.

Alfa Romeo has created a beautiful ambience in the interior. Here you are happy about this “looks like carbon” look. A carbon texture runs over large parts of the dashboard and even the small details fit.

Check the “Aqua temperature” in the morning before pressing the brush for the first time and always keep an eye on the “Benzina display”. Man, that's nice. A little bit of Italy, every day in the cockpit. The fuel gauge is really exciting. Because the small MiTo QV lives according to the old turbo custom. And whoever wins the country road crown will later make friends with the gas station attendant. A good 8 liters are actually always due. Hardly at the limit, more than 10 liters can also be pushed through the 1.4 turbo.

Alfa romeo Mito QV Driving Report TCT

Quanto Costa?

If you look at the list price, then the MiTo is not a cheap small car. As QV the situation is getting worse. Logical. The 170 PS Turbo is only available in QV and so are already 23.700 € on the price tag.

The test car then had a few fine extras on board, including the cool “Grigio Magnesio paint in matt” with an extra charge of € 1.000. The UConnect system is standard, but can be upgraded with DAB reception. In addition, the cruise control and tinted windows. This quickly adds up to a final price of a good € 26.000.

Alfa romeo Mito QV 170 PS

At the end...

The MiTo is fun. And as QV, he offers a great mix of lovable Italian details, like this cockpit, combines that with just as good workmanship and packs that under the cover of a sexy compact car. The fact that the turbo engine whistles to a brash song and yet works bravely, lets him wear the shamrock rightly.

.. oh, did you know where this shamrock tradition comes from? ...

Click here for the Alfa Romeo MiTo QV website

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