All-season tires, the new favorites of German drivers

According to a new study by Goodyear [1], winter tires are the most popular among German drivers among all those surveyed in Europe. 96% of respondents in Germany use winter tires at least part of the year, with many opting for an all-season product.

The market segment for all-weather tires in Europe grew by an average of 2015% annually between 2021 and 38,5 [2]. Goodyear therefore surveyed motorists in eight key European markets to find out the differences in attitudes, perceptions and habits when it comes to tires.

As part of the survey, 4.000 end consumers were asked about their driving experiences in the winter months, their tire knowledge and habits, and their knowledge of local legislation in order to gain valuable insights for well-founded tire advice for drivers. 

Fears when driving: ice is at the top of the list of dangers for Germans

German drivers are among the most confident when it comes to driving in wintry conditions, ranking in the top four alongside Luxembourg, Poland and Romania.

However, Germans fear black ice more than any other winter condition: 12% said they would never drive on black ice. This figure is comparable to French (12%) and British (16%) drivers, but far higher than in neighboring Luxembourg (3%) and Poland (3%).

Drivers in Germany have rather low confidence in driving in heavy rain compared to other European countries - with the exception of Italy (Germany: 19% of drivers had low confidence, Italy: 23%). By comparison, in the UK, for example, alongside composure in the face of ice, snow and fog, there is high confidence in driving in heavy rain (63%).

Tire habits: 37% of Germans use all-season tires

Compared to neighboring countries, German drivers stated that all-season tires work very well for them (37%). In general, in countries with winter tire legislation, drivers are very aware of summer, winter and all-season tyres. 68% of all respondents agreed with the statement: "I am aware of the differences between a summer/winter tire and an all-season tyre".

In Poland, even 80% of respondents are aware of this difference. In contrast, only 45% of UK and 46% of Spanish drivers are sure they know the difference between seasonal and all-season tyres. Spain and Great Britain are two countries where the use of winter tires is not mandatory.

Choosing the right tire for your needs

The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is characterized by a wide range of uses and offers excellent grip on wet, dry and snow-covered roads all year round. He's with the Snowflake icon marked, which certifies its adhesion potential on snow and its winter suitability. The tire therefore offers drivers safety and comfort all year round. It was recently voted test winner in the Auto Bild all-season tire test for the second time in a row, beating out more than 30 other branded products. The Goodyear tire also took first place in the “Environment and Sustainability” category and received the “Green Tire” seal of approval. [1]

André Weisz, Managing Director Consumer DACH, Goodyear Germany GmbH: “The survey shows that drivers choose different options in adverse conditions, with some switching between winter and summer tires and others opting for decide. The results confirm that there is a great need, especially on the German market year-round products are. Goodyear is a pioneer in the field of all-season tires and a pioneer in adapting its offer to current trends and responding to customers' wishes. Of the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is the best choice for this target group. Because the multiple test winner not only offers excellent grip in all seasons, but also high mileage and low fuel consumption.”

Take the quiz

For drivers unsure which tire is right for them, Goodyear offers below a simple quiz consisting of six questions. It provides a tailor-made recommendation based on individual driving habits.

[1] Survey commissioned by Goodyear and conducted on its behalf by 2Europe [2] According to ETRMA report on the European tire market 2022,
[3] Auto Bild Issue 39-2022
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