Alloy rims - you have to pay attention to that

Alloy rims - you have to pay attention to that

Many people want durable, robust and light rims for their vehicles. Aluminum rims are a good solution here. Rims made of aluminum are definitely among the most popular models among light alloy rims. Because of their light weight, they often offer advantages over rims made of carbon, steel or chrome.

Why are alloy wheels so popular?

Aluminum rims are usually made from an alloy of aluminum, which also contains copper and iron. That is why this type of rims is particularly stable. High-quality models of aluminum rims make it possible to save up to five kilograms in weight compared to equivalent steel rims. The driving experience benefits from these lightweight rims as well as the financial budget of the vehicle owner.

Because the aluminum rims have numerous advantages. For example, the rolling resistance of the tires is reduced, which means that less fuel is used. The emission of harmful substances is also reduced. Another point that speaks in favor of aluminum rims is their diverse look - this usually impresses vehicle owners to a particularly high degree. The aluminum rims are characterized by a large variety of colors and shapes compared to conventional steel rims. Thanks to the different paint finishes available for the aluminum rims, the buyer can determine the degree of gloss individually. In addition, it is possible to design the aluminum rims individually and thus perfectly match your own vehicle.

The aluminum rims also have the advantage that their maintenance effort is very manageable. It is enough to clean the rims from time to time with a little soap and water. This also eliminates the costs for expensive rim cleaners and other products for the complex maintenance of the rims. Due to the properties mentioned, the aluminum rims are extremely practical and suitable for everyday use.

If the aluminum rims are purchased in the form of complete wheels, they are particularly well suited for use with summer tires. If the rims are also to be used in winter, models should be chosen that have a special powder coating for the cold season. These are also known as winter alloy wheels. The special coating increases the resistance to weather influences. This means that road salt or sand cannot damage the rims.

That should be considered when buying the alloy wheels

The range of alloy wheels on the market is large and varied. Buyers should take special care that their desired rim also fits the respective bike. The attachment of the rims therefore plays a major role in the purchase decision. The dimensions of the different vehicles differ when it comes to attaching the wheels to the axles. Small cars are often attached using four screws; SUVs and station wagons usually have five screws per wheel.

In addition, the rims differ in their bolt circle, or LK for short. This value indicates the diameter of the arrangement of the screws. Buyers must therefore keep the following values ​​in mind when they want to buy new alloy wheels for their vehicle:

- the type of attachment of the rims
- the general operating permit
- the required rim diameter

Of course, the price always plays an important role in the purchase decision. The prices of aluminum rims sometimes vary greatly. Very cheap rims are available from prices between 20 and 30 euros. However, high-quality models can cost more than 1.000 euros. The average price of good alloy wheels is usually between 100 and 200 euros.