My favorite for the "BEST engine sound"


The ultimate Aston Martin. The ultimate grand tourer. The perfection of all bliss. There is no better GT. And thanks to the 6 liter V12, this Grand Tourer forms the shell for my candidate, whom I send in the race for the “Favorite Engine Sound” in the Mobil 1 competition! 

aston martin bilster mountain

Goosebumps feeling when starting the elite V12. The roof is down, the sun is shining in the Aston Martin, and at the latest when the starter sings the one-time sound when starting a V12, because this sound is unique - unmistakable - and when the blink of an eye later the twelve-finisher comes to life with fervor - yes - at the latest then the driver has a grin on his face. It is not the sheer power of the Vanquish Volante, it is not the purchase price that is in the range of a single-family home - it is the fascination of the total work of art. No other automobile manufacturer currently has a nicer, more elegant, or more elite roadster in its range than the British from Gaydon.

vanquish v2

The ultimate GT - the ultimate engine

Twelve-cylinder, six-liter displacement. The premier class of engine construction under the long, dignified and at the same time sporty hood. That it sounds angry and powerful from the two tailpipes when necessary, it should probably remind one of the elemental force of the AM29. 630 Newton meters, free suction, always ready to climb the speed ladder with an explosion. 576 hp. In 4 seconds to 100 km / h. The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is a bodybuilder in a fine, noble thread. It is elegant, sporty - it conceals the tremendous muscle power under its elegant cover made of aluminum and carbon. Carbon fiber on the diffuser, sills and splinters are aggressively reminiscent of the elegant outer shell. 20-inch alloy wheels turn in the wheel arches, covered with elegant Pirelli P-Zero. 305 millimeters wide on the rear axle. The transmission was packed on the rear axle, the transaxle construction promotes balance. An almost perfect weight balance of 51 to 49% contributes to the sporty handling. Within 130 milliseconds, the automatic, operated by a paddle on the steering wheel, throws the gears into confusion.

vanquish v12 rear side

V12 - the ultimate sound!

It is - in short - the ultimate combination. An incredibly beautiful car. A guy from an engine. According to the sound. From quietly grumbling, to seething aggressiveness, up to a pithy and all-engrossing screeching. The V12 under the carbon bonnet of the Vanquish is my "Favorite Engine Sound"!

on the c63

Team Germany

But I don't take part in this Mobil 1 competition alone. My dear colleague Jens, from is also part of the party - but - he has a completely different favorite. Another engine type and another car.

CLICK over to Jens now and find out what to do with his "Favorite Engine Sound”Explained. And then commented. Tell us your opinion. Comment on Facebook, in the blog, here and at Jens - tell us your opinion! V12 - or V8? What should we go into the race with at Mobil 1?

The video for the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante and its ultimate V12 sound!

Now you have to join. Now you are asked!

Participate - tell us your opinion. Comments and votes - Click over to Jens on and to his video. Your participation should be rewarded. Because there is something to win for you too!

Refuel for 1 for free for a year

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Refuel for free - for a year - who doesn't want that? Who is on the Mobile 1 website - and hoffentlich natural Votes for our team “Jens & Bjoern” - he can (with a little luck) win exactly that.

Tell us your opinion! Support us, discuss with us - and then vote. For Jens and me, on the competition page of Mobil 1. And this time we really need your vote, because we are facing an international competition. Tim Burton, better known as @Shmee150 and the guys from @GaragesDesBlogs from France!

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