Premiere: ASTON MARTIN AM-RB 001

The world of supercars is richer by one brand!

Aston Martin enters the world stage with the AM-RB 001. World premiere of the new super sports car on my-auto-blog.

A star is born: "Nebula"

Not much less than the fastest street-legal production sports car is the AM-RB 001, which Aston Martin presented to the public in Gaydon today. Together with the Formula 1 team of Red Bull Aston Martin wants to conquer the crown of the absolute super sports cars.

Spring 2017

With technology components from Formula 1, but a non-regulated drive train, the new super sports car should be faster on the track than a current Formula 1 racing car. The lines of “Projekt Nebula” come from the pen of Adrian Newey and Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman.

Less than 100 pieces are to be produced. Developed with the help of the entire Formula 1 engineering power that the Red Bull Racing F1 team has to offer. One may assume that the AM-RB 001 will also draw on the experience of Red Bull Racing on the subject of drivetrain.

We have the first photos!

World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 001 AM-RB 001

Nice. Charismatic and effective.

A sports car for the road, with the capabilities of a Le Mans race car. The demands you want to fulfill are huge. The AM-RB 001 is based on a carbon fiber structure with radical aerodynamics. Aerodynamics and design genius Newey is responsible for the implementation.

World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 002 AM-RB 001

Uncompromising in all matters

The heart of the AM-RB 001 will be a V12 naturally aspirated engine. The targeted power-to-weight ratio is 1 to 1. A horsepower for one kilogram of weight. No compromises even with the suspension of the AM-RB 001. The experience of 30 years of Formula 1 Motorsports, the expertise of Red Bull Racing and Adrian Newey, united in a super sports car.

World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 003 AM-RB 001

Extreme performance

Adrian Newey confirms his long-standing wish to construct a road vehicle whose roots can be found on the racetrack. A vehicle that focuses on the implementation of maximum possibilities. Uncompromising and extremely powerful.

World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 004 AM-RB 001

Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, the “one-in-a-lifetime chance”

Beautiful design and incredible performance. The connection of the brilliant designer Adrian Newey, the experience and engineering power of the Red Bull team and the whole thing paired with the passion of the ASTON MARTIN brand. The combination is unique. And a project that everyone involved is proud of.

World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 005 AM-RB 001

2018 - The birth of a new super sports car

99 to 150 road vehicles are planned. 25 AM-RB 001 are to become pure racetrack variants. 2018 wants to deliver the first vehicles to ASTON MARTIN Performance.

2018 - the year in which Bugatti, Porsche and Ferrari are disenchanted? Probably.

World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 006 AM-RB 001 World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 007 AM-RB 001 World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 008 AM-RB 001 World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 009 AM-RB 001 World premiere Aston Martin Red Bull 010 AM-RB 001



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