Audi is planning entry-level Stromer

Volkswagen just got it ID.2 ALL presented - AUDI boss Duesmann also reports and announces an electric compact below the Audi Q4.

The smaller e-vehicle becomes part of a model offensive with which the Ingolstadt-based company wants to offer an electric vehicle in all important vehicle segments by 2027. By 2025 alone, ten new e-models are to come onto the market.

It is questionable whether Audi boss Duesmann via a model based on MEB has spoken, just as the Q4 already shares many components with the smaller models from VW and Seat. Or whether Audi goes directly to the new MEB entry platform. The difference is big. While the previous MEB models have rear-wheel drive with an optional all-wheel drive concept, the MEB Entry kit will be a front-wheel drive architecture without the all-wheel drive option.

It should be clear that even an MEB entry at Audi will not start at the 25.000 euros that are currently Entry price for ID.2 ALL be communicated.


(The cover picture shows the Audi A2 concept – an old concept vehicle)

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