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Audi A4 600

The Audi A4 Avant is something of a dream candidate for employees with the option of a company car. The dream of all sales representatives and a constant companion of everyday life on German motorways.

The reasons for this can be found quickly if you first take the driver's seat. My test vehicle was a silver Audi A4 Avant with the 177hp two-liter four-cylinder diesel. With a manual six-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive baptized “quattro”, the test car in the Ambition version cost € 40.050. A fine car for people who can choose a company car.

On the short haul

The Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI quattro

Short? The car is ideally suited for the long tour - isn't it? Correct. “Short distance” is the name for this driving report. 

In the 7 days of my “short-distance test” I was able to sit in the vehicle for 20:36 hours and cover 99 kilometers at an average speed of 2039 km / h (says the on-board computer!) - And in this case I want the center of gravity of the short report lay something different than in the usual driving reports:

Great craft art

Much has been written about the degree of perfection that has now been achieved in Ingolstadt vehicles and it would be wasted effort at this point if I were to philosophize about this wonderful world of craftsmanship with a - actually as simple - vehicle like the A4 Avant. Audi just got the hang of it when it comes to haptics and functional fulfillment. Nothing pinches, nothing rattles. To unwind 900 km in one day is not work, but a wellness experience. I really don't know any other manufacturer who works with this meticulous emphasis on the finish of his vehicles.

But good work wants to be paid!

When it comes to money, there is only one catchphrase: "More!"

André Kostolany

Audi A4 Avant line smaller

Refined price lists

With the list price of € 40.050, the Audi A4 Avant is still a vehicle that you can not only afford as a company car within the 1% rule, but also as a private automobile candidate. However, the test car did not come to its short visit as a “basic version”, but was upgraded to a special gem of the company car world according to all the rules of the art through the use of “additional equipment” and I think it makes sense to do it for once illuminate - what you actually get when the test car is 30.000 euros above the list price.

71.477, 34 € - the test car

The following equipment was installed with costs: Ice silver metallic, Alcanatara leather combination, driver information system with color display, MMI navigation plus, aluminum wheels 8 × 18 with 245 / 40-18 (winter and summer wheels!), Electrically adjustable front seats, Xenon plus including headlight cleaning system, storage package, Light package, DAB reception, Audi Music Interface, trailer hitch, multifunction sports steering wheel in 3-spoke design, Audi drive select, load compartment rail set with fixing set, through-loading facility with ski bag, front seat heating, luggage compartment lid electrically opening and closing, interior mirror automatically dimming, Rear side airbags, gloss package, extendable sun visors, front center armrest, heated exterior mirrors, leather armrests in the door panels, parking aid plus with reversing camera, Audi side assist, high beam assistant, adaptive light, adaptive cruise control, 3-zone comfort automatic air conditioning, Bank & Olufsen sound system, Bluetooth -Car phone online.

The test car can be described as “particularly luxurious” - as first class or at least a particularly good business class. I enjoyed every single one of the more than 2.000 km and I am completely convinced that the basic version also makes excellent progress - really awesome - but the Avant only gets the right extras.

Without a doubt - every buyer of the A6 Avant 4 TDI quattro gets the powerful diesel engine, the crisp 2.0-speed gearbox and this perfect all-wheel drive. But this ultimate long-distance comfort, this detached idea of ​​comfort on the level of a first class train journey, a business class flight, you only get it after a few “important” hooks in the special equipment.

Audi Shopping List

My top 5 optional extras that should definitely not be missing "on board" an Audi A4:

Place 5: Adaptive Cruise Control.  Cruise control with distance radar is hidden behind this term. In the case of the Audi A4 and for people who drive a lot of freeways, an assistant with real added value. Together with the less useful “audi drive select”, the speed and distance assistant even works with different degrees of actionism. I particularly like the fact that the cruise control resumes the preset speed very quickly as soon as you pull out from behind a slower moving vehicle. The Audi accelerates as soon as you press the indicator. Especially on German autobahns, the often rather unfamiliar “adaptive cruise control” becomes a real help on long journeys.

Audi Avant A6

4th place: Automatically dimming interior mirror. I can no longer count the number of times I've been annoyed about cars behind me whose headlights are not properly adjusted or whose drivers don't know the difference between low and high beam. The self-dimming interior mirror is not just a convenient gimmick, especially on long stretches over land and on the motorway, but a good help to prevent the eyes from getting tired too quickly.

Interior mirror dimming

Place 3: Xenon plus headlights. There is nothing like good headlights at night and those who are often and a lot on the road need the bright xenon light to be able to recognize dangers at an early stage. In addition to the pure gain in light output at night, Audi also adapts the optics of the daytime running lights and the taillights to the technology of the main headlights. Personally, I put cars with a “bad” light in a clear box: cheap. Not valuable. Not useful. Not nice. And so the surcharge for the xenon light and the changed optics of the headlights is “painful” at first - but in the end it makes sense.

Xenon headlights

Place 2: Alcantara leather combination. Audi already offers a wonderful haptic world in the interior. The fingers slide over very well processed surfaces and every switch and button feels sensational. In order for the look to match the feeling, the leather interior must be in the vehicle. But not just leather - no, leather-Alcantara. In addition to the hand-flattering effect of the Alcantara, there is also the practical side of Alcantara. In contrast to full leather seats, you don't have to worry about burn blisters in summer and no frostbite on first contact with the surface in winter. So clearly: an extra that “must” in the vehicle!

>> no picture <

1st place: Bang & Olufsen Sound System. The two-liter diesel engine makes hardly any noise, on the contrary - the A4 is perfectly insulated and in the daily routine environment you can hardly hear any noise from the engine - but precisely because no fascination is to be expected here, at least the background music should be right. Anyone who sits alone in the vehicle for 10 hours a day on a business trip will appreciate the sound quality of the Bang & Olufsen system.

Bank Olufsen Audi

Horny details.

Combined in this way, the Audi A4 would still be just under the € 50.000 mark. Still a lot of money - but well away from the extreme € 70.000 of the vehicle driven - and I have to say very clearly: I enjoyed every kilometer in the A4 (oh, I repeat myself!) And of course I would not only focus on mine Want to limit the top 5 equipment extras - no, an electric tailgate and a parking aid with camera would definitely be on the order list.

It is really ingenious how well this system of “individual” special requests works - but only for the German premium manufacturers.

For me personally, the driven A4 was a wonderful travel companion. Comfortable and nimble, even at fast stages still economical. With a foolproof driving behavior even beyond the 240 km / h.

 At the end...

I can understand why the Audi A4 Avant is one of the most frequently ordered company cars - I can understand it well!

[toggle title = "Note:"] Unfortunately, I was only able to test the A4 Avant for 7 days and not the usual 14 days. Since my schedule was also pretty full, I didn't get around to taking more than two quick photos of the test car. Therefore - for the first time in a driving report - I had to use detailed photos from the manufacturer. 🙁 [/ Toggle]



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