Audi A5 Cabriolet - relaxed and easy into spring

Launches 2017 in March: the new Audi A5 Cabriolet

Suitable for the upcoming spring opens Audi with the A5 Cabriolet in March 2017 the last act in the renewal of the A5 family. Visually, there are many detail changes, a modern interior and new drives. Price starts from 44.000 Euro going.

As before, the convertible has an automatically opening fabric roof. A new mechanism to ensure a more comfortable operation of the standard acoustic hood. After simply pressing a button in the interior, the bales of material behind the backseat fold in 15 seconds. On request, this can also be done while driving up to a speed of 50 km / h.

The open A5 was also upgraded for everyday use. Among other things, Audi has slightly extended the wheelbase, which should give rear passengers more space. At the same time, the trunk grew significantly, namely from 320 to 380 liters. Ahead, the open A5 offers guests a tidy and easy-to-use premium landscape with some innovations that are usually subject to a surcharge. These include a virtual cockpit, head-up display, online access, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, phone box for inductive charging of the smartphone, traffic jam, avoidance and turning assistant and much more.

For the drives, the customer can choose between petrol and diesel units with four and six cylinders. For the standard models, a 2.0 TFSI with either 140 KW / 190 HP or 185 KW / 252 HP as well as the Diesel 2.0 TDI with 140 kW / 190 HP and 3.0 TDI with 160 kW / 218 HP are available. In addition, Audi offers the sporty S5 with a 260 kW / 354 hp V6 TFSI engine. While an automatic system is standard on the S5, it can be ordered as an option on the other units.

So that the power of the engines can be converted into driving pleasure even better, at the rear of the open A5 now an elaborate five-link axle is used, which thanks to new materials should save around 40 kilograms in weight. Parallel to the body stiffness by 40 percent to have increased.

(Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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