Audi A5 / S5 Cabriolet - Between whispers and roar

In addition to the A5 there is again a S5

In March, a fresh breeze is blowing in Audis A5 family: then the convertible completes the previously existing from the coupe and the hatchback "Sportback" program. The offer ranges from 44.000 Euro expensive reason model with four-cylinder gasoline to the powerful six-cylinder S5 for 67.800 Euro.

Technically and visually, the A5 Cabriolet largely corresponds to the Coupé. With one obvious exception: Instead of the sheet material here spreads over the four seats in the interior. In all versions, the so-called acoustic hood with emphasized lush insulation series, the outside noise effectively damped away when driving closed. The roof can be opened and closed up to Tempo 50 at the push of a button. Other convertible features include a belt micro, which is to ensure good voice quality in hands-free operation and the three-stage neck heating, which warms the front occupants in colder temperatures. In general, the comfort is high when driving open, the wind noise is in the frame. For die-hard convertible fans, the A5 is almost a tad more stormy.

Audi is launching the A5 Cabrio in the spring

When it comes to the drives, the customer can choose between petrol and diesel units with four and six cylinders. For the standard models there is a 2,0 liter turbo gasoline engine with either 140 kW / 190 PS or 185 kW / 252 PS as well as a diesel of the same size with 140 kW / 190 PS and finally a 160 kW / 218 PS strong 3,0 liter -Self-ignition to choose from. Audi also offers the sporty S5 with a 260 kW / 354 hp V6-TFSI. While an automatic system is standard on the S5, it can be ordered as an option on the other units.

Audi's convertible continues to carry material

For the test drive, we will first focus on the basic diesel. Audi used it as a 51.700 euro all-wheel drive model. With 400 Nm of torque in the back and a number of revolutions that rarely exceeds the 2.300 mark in everyday life, there is casualness. Overtaking is sovereign without having the seven-speed dual clutch transmission downshift. The chassis defuses bumps sufficiently effectively. Engine noises are irrelevant when walking gently.

The interior is well-made

More to hear is of course the 260 kW / 354 PS strong sports model S5. The turbo gasoline engine works with six cylinders and thus offers a certain basic sound supply. The sleek three-liter is joined by a no less gentle eight-speed automatic torque converter. The S5 marches forward as it prepares, approaching high speed while the four-pipe exhaust escapes a hiss with each gear shift, which even the rearman can still hear. In order to achieve the best traction even in corners, the rear axle can be equipped with a sport differential - a complex structure with electronically-hydraulically controlled multi-plate clutch, which can divert almost one hundred percent of the moment either exclusively to the right or left wheel. And of course, the now even torsionier body contributes to the fact that the convertible could faster through the turn, as most customers will probably drive. More pragmatic is the 210 kW / 286 PS strong three-liter diesel. Less speed-greedy, but with 620 Nm of great power pushes this V6-compression engine already just over idle vigorously forward. Jittery yet careful, the eight-speed automatic provides one speed after the other to increase speed.

Rear there are two double tailpipes

When it comes to technical equipment, Audi is especially proud of the new Car-to-x system on the A5 Cabriolet, which enables communication between the vehicle and its surroundings. Thus, the own car reports potentially dangerous events to subsequent vehicles to warn their drivers. For example, if the rain sensor is heavy precipitation, the hazard warning lights are turned on due to heavy braking, or the ESP could identify glacial ice.

However, these messages can currently only be received by Audi models based on the modular Evo generation kit - currently A4, A5 and Q7. This connectivity tool only becomes usable when the relevant vehicle volume increases. Audi is sure that this will happen. At least the A5 Cabriolet has what it takes to make the fleet grow noticeably in the future. (Patrick Broich / SP-X)

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