Audi - Land of quattro - The Audi RS5

It is the desire to drive an open car, even if the mountain is still covered in thick fog. The Cabriolet version of the Audi RS5 also promises a particularly intimate relationship between the occupants and the 450 hp V8 engine under its hood.

Audi RS5 Cabriolet - Dangers on the Audi Alpen Tour 2013

Audi Rs5 Land of quattro driving report

The first impression:

With its large cooling air openings in the front, the metallic-looking louvre grille and the significantly widened front track, the sportiest four-seater convertible in the Audi range gives the impression that ice cream parlor racers would already eat while idling.

The fenders grow in width in the quattro manner and create space for the large wheels. At the rear, the typical RS exhaust system with its large oval exhaust pipes dominates the look. There is not only a convertible to cruise here, here someone without a roof means it pretty seriously.

Audi RS5 grill muzzle

So he drives:

The 4.2 liter engine wakes up by pressing the aluminum start button with defiantly tinged soprano voices from the choir of its eight pots. An old school engine, only the direct injection refers to the idea of ​​not metering too much fuel pointlessly in everyday life. The compulsory quattro drive of the RS models in the RS5 Cabriolet is based on a self-locking crown gear differential between the front axle and the rear axle and also ensures a rear-heavy distribution of drive force. Normally 60% of the forces end up on the rear axle, which eliminates the tendency to understeer, as was known from earlier Quattro models.

Drive Select is the name of the technology that lets the RS5 walk the paths of Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In comfort mode, the seven-speed dual clutch transmission shifts smoothly and tries to camouflage the gear changes. But when the mountain passes are in sight, there is only one alternative: Put the roof on and “Drive Select” on individually. Now the driver can determine for himself how the steering, engine-transmission, chassis and other components react. Strongly dynamic - or would you prefer crisp, sporty and hard?

For the chassis, the recommendation is: “Comfort” - the rest of the computer variations should be “Dynamic”. Anyone who has now opened the roof as recommended will experience the transformation from an elegant cruiser to a tough “open air athlete”.

Even if the mountain is still covered in thick fog at 6 ° in the morning, so dense that the fine drops of water can be felt on the skin - the heating in the RS5 Cabriolet gets the situation under control and the drive doesn't matter how much anyway Grip is present. Shifted down a gear using the control pedal on the steering wheel - slowly approaching the curve, with a heavy foot on the accelerator at the apex. The V8 switches from confident power to outrageous power, the mountain slope throws the defiant fanfares of the 4.2 liter around the ears of the occupants, the quattro drive interlocks with the asphalt, the mounted Pirelli P-Zero take the road like a tribe, no matter how Topping looks.

Audi Rs5 cornering cross

Shortly before the second gear is turned off, the next turn forces maximum deceleration. The ceramic brake of the RS5 is not yet being challenged uphill - but even downhill, it will easily get the heavy load under control. Because even if the engine and its transmission partner do their best to hide the weight with the double clutch, they cannot hide the empty weight of at least 1.800 kg.

Whoever heeded the old “quattro rule: Slowly into the curve, quickly out,” will not notice the RS5's problem of prosperity. The engine is too greedy, the all-wheel drive too convincing.

With the roof open, the inmates, pregnant with happiness hormones, storm towards the top of the pass. The days can hardly be more beautiful!

Audi RS5 Convertible V8 Pass Mountain Cheer

That will not be forgotten:

The ruthless drum of the eight-cylinder, when it is thrown back into the short tunnel of the Alpine passes dozens of times. A symphony of driving pleasure, tumbled, trumpeting and roaring from the Ingolstadt V8 engine choir.

Audi Rs5 Cabriolet Walchensee Panorama


Technical data:

Model Name:RS5 convertible
Body style:Convertible
Engine:V8 gasoline direct injection
Transmission:Seven-speed dual clutch
Drive:Crown wheel Quattro four-wheel drive
displacement:4.163 cc
Power:450 PS at 8.250 RPM
torque:430 Nm at 4.000 rpm
From 0 to 100 km / h:4,9 seconds
Top speed .:280 km/h
Consumption according to standard:10,7 liters / 100 km
CO2 emissions according to standard:249 g / km
Test consumption:17.8 liters / 100 km
Bikes:265 / 35 - 19
Empty weight:1.920 kg
Length Width Height:4649 / 1860 / 1380
Pleasure factor / max 10 points: 9 from 10
Price:from EUR 88.500
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