Audi presents 2.0 Turbo with Miller-Cycle design!

2.0 TFSI with 140 kW (190 PS)

Miller cycle, Atkinson cycle - both terms for an adaptation variant of the classic gasoline four-stroke engine. Manufacturers such as Toyota or Mitsubishi have offered this type of gasoline engine technology for over a decade. At Toyota and Lexus, the gasoline engines for the hybrid drive run in this "combustion process". Whereby it is less about the “combustion” than about the loading effects when filling the combustion chambers. A detailed explanation can be found at inclined tech freak on wikipedia.

190 PS - 320 Nm - New “Rightsize” turbo gasoline engine from Audi

2.0 TFSI with 140 kW (190 PS)
2.0 TFSI with 140 kW (190 PS)

The Vienna Motor Symposium was chosen by Audi as the framework for the presentation. Nice play around with the terminology of the new engine: “Audi Rightsizing Strategy”. In contrast to what we are used to up to now, Audi does not speak of a “downsizing strategy” here, but of the “right size” strategy. This is true insofar as the new engine with 1.984 cm³ displacement is just as big as the previous TFSI petrol engine.

Interesting is the combination of turbocharging and Miller cycle. The engines of the competitors working on the Atkinson principle are so far carried out without charge. With the combination of gasoline direct injection, turbocharging and reduced intake time, Audi is playing a pioneering role here.

An exhaust manifold integrated in the cylinder head shortens the gas paths at the exhaust and flows more directly to the turbocharger. This variant of the exhaust system comes from downsizing technology. On the intake side, Audi uses variable valve control to control the intake times. The direct injection is joined by variable intake manifold injection upstream of the intake valve. This measure also serves to increase efficiency.

A needs-based cooling water control shortens the warm-up time of the engine. Audi specifies the weight of the new “Rightsize engine” as 140 kg.

The new 190 PS petrol engine will make its debut in the new Audi A4.


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