Audi Q8 as a plug-in hybrid

After the Q7, its nicer brother Audis is now getting powerful plug-in hybrid drives. One variant is even eligible.

Audi is now also offering the Q8 SUV coupe with a plug-in hybrid drive. The combination of 3,0-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor is available, as with the sister model Q7, in the output levels 280 kW / 381 PS and 340 kW / 462 PS, the range in power mode is 47 or 45 kilometers (WLTP).

The prices start at 75.350 euros for the weaker variant, which just about qualifies for an environmental bonus grant of 5.625 euros (gross: 5.925 euros). At 92.800 euros, the stronger version is too expensive for the funding, which is only paid up to a net list price of 65.000 euros (gross: 75.400 euros).

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