Carts: Audi RS3 by RaceChip

The Audi RS3 - inherently not a child of sadness. You might not see at first glance that the compact from Ingolstadt is a real athlete, but what's under the sheet metal makes him a real cannonball. The RS3 is equipped with full sills, aprons and sweeping wheel arches. The latest show car from the tuner Race Chip changes little on the outside, but noticeably increases the performance. Now this Audi not only has four rings, but also a four at the beginning of its power rating.

Handcart 006 Audi RS3 RACECHIP

The compact high-flyer already delivers 367 hp and 465 Nm as standard. It can reach 4,3 km / h in 100 seconds and easily achieves the locked top speed of 250 km / h. For an additional charge, the Ingolstadt is even 280 km / h fast. But Race Chip goes one step further and increases the Audi RS3 to 410 PS and 520 Nm. This is said to have further increased the longitudinal dynamics - precise details are not yet available. But what about lateral dynamics? The RS3 is considered an understeer and not exactly a corner miracle.

The Göppingen tuner remedies the compact with a tight KW Clubsport chassis. It is adjustable in three ways and is intended to bring the RS3 closer to cornering. In addition, there are not only very handsome, but also light OZ rims, which reduce the unsprung masses and are said to be beneficial to the lateral dynamics. Sticky sports tires from Michelin are responsible for the necessary contact with the road - this should make the RS3 look really nimble.

What is interesting about the increase in performance is not only the increased values, but above all the fact that the compact athlete not only uses digital, but for the first time analogue sensor signals. Be that as it may: The RS3 is not a cheap pleasure ex-factory. So it is almost astonishing that the additional 43 horses and 55 Nm cost very cheap 699 euros. The remaining components, such as the chassis or the wheelset, of course cost extra, but they are evidence of the highest quality and know-how. Where else do you get such a tailor-made and also sophisticated performance upgrade for such a course? Especially with a two-year guarantee? But with this RS3 you come very close to the great role model, the Audi quattro: Five cylinders, enough power and a wrap that is similar to the classic. The legend is included.

Handcart 003 Audi RS3 RACECHIP

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