Used car check: Audi A3

Is the Audi A3 just an expensive VW Golf? Generally, yes. Nevertheless, he is used as a used a worthwhile purchase.
Like the Golf, the Audi A3 uses the MQB modular system

Is the Audi A3 just an expensive VW Golf? Generally, yes. Nevertheless, he is used as a used a worthwhile purchase.

Those who like it a little more elegant will find the premium alternative to the VW Golf in the Audi A3. The third generation of the Ingolstadt group sister (Type 8V) skilfully enhances the solid technology from Wolfsburg - which can still be seen and felt years after the first registration.

Since 2017 the hatchback version is only available with five doors

Body and interior:

At the start in autumn 3, the A2012 was also available as a sporty three-door car for singles and second-car users. Since 2017, Audi has limited the hatchback variants to the more practical five-door car. In addition, since summer 2013 there has been a decidedly bourgeois notchback sedan and since 2014 a derived fabric roof convertible with a nominal four seats. The space in the rear and trunk is significantly more limited than with the other variants, in the front it is airy in all versions. The biggest plus point is the noble and meticulously crafted interior, with which the Audi once again noticeably emancipates itself from the more than solid technology donor VW Golf.


After almost eight years of construction, an official 2016 lift, the 2018 WLTP conversion and regular technology updates, the A3 range of propulsion systems is confusing. Only 24 gasoline engine variants are on offer, plus ten diesel options. The performance range extends from 77 kW / 105 PS to 294 kW / 400 PS in Sports model RS3, All-wheel drive is in the top model as well as other strong engine variants always on board, for some engines in the middle of the power spectrum, he is optional. If you do not trust the auto-igniters affected by the exhaust gas scandal, you should risk a natural gas model called "g-tron" (years 2014 to 2018), which combines low fuel costs with good environmental features. In addition, a more on performance than on austerity designed Plug-in hybrid called "e-tron"Having combined the electric and gasoline engine.

Dynamic photo, Color: Sepang Blue

Safety and features:

At the market launch, the Audi scored not least with modern infotainment system, current assistants and generally a long list of high-tech extras, which were then unusual in the compact class. Although a lot of extra costs, is and was the A3 quite well equipped. The base model (first "Attraction", later nameless) offers air conditioning and xenon light, but prettier are the higher-positioned variants with aluminum wheels, partially lowered body and upgraded interior. In addition, there is a long and self-assured list of additional options, which includes specialties such as a panorama glass sunroof, which is rare in this class, Matrix LED floodlights and digital instruments. In terms of driver assistance systems, the Audi is still up to par today. Most of them, such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning and automatic high beam, come in bundles. In the Euro NCAP crash test, the Audi 2012 achieved befitting five stars.

At the start there was a three-door car


In the TÜV statistics, the compact Audi shows its best side. In almost all HU test categories, it scores significantly better than the average in its class. Even the occasional chassis weaknesses of its predecessor have discarded the third generation. Only the comparatively frequent brake disk wear easily clouds the positive image. In addition, there are occasional problems with the dual clutch transmission (S-Tronic) or the optional adaptive suspension (Magnetic Ride). The initial software problems with the infotainment system should now be solved in all vehicles by update.

At the end...

The Audi A3 combines the user-friendliness and solidity of the Golf with a refined appearance, powerful engines and rich equipment. Last but not least there are more body alternatives through convertible and notchback sedan. Thanks to good care and attentive workshops, most A3 are also in good technical condition. That should be worth many prospective customers several hundred euro extra charge compared to a golf. Currently the offer starts at around 12.000 Euro.

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