Enough winter to pay homage to the four-wheel-drive pioneer?

Audi quattro, not only a fine thing in winter. Just a stunner in the snow!


This photo has been roaming the Internet for a few days, one could almost think of a successful AUDI viral campaign - but the origin of the photo is still unclear. One thing is clear: It shows one thing very clearly: On snow and on a slight incline, an all-wheel drive car easily pulls past the rear-wheel drive vehicle.

I think of Audi quattro, of course I also think of this:


Or my own Audi quattro Experience. There was an Audi 80 Type 85 with 90 PS carburetor engine and of course my beloved Audi V8:


AUDI also had wonderful quattro advertising film ideas, like this video:

But this advertisement also showed nicely what fun an Audi quattro does in winter:

But the remake of a world-class spot also brings four- Fun directly on the TV:

And then there is another good reason for quattro, even on dry roads:

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