Betting? New Audi A4 at the same price as its predecessor?

Business is going well at Audi. Even if vehicles like the Audi A4 are currently waiting for their urgent replacement, sales are right and the margin on the products is even more consistent. And how do you start a model? Best with a lot of good news. Like this one, for example: The new one doesn't cost more than the previous one. Or? We all like to hear that. 

When Audi launches the new A4, supposedly it should finally be at the IAA 2015 be ready, then the chances are good for a “new A4” at the price of the predecessor. And to make sure that pays off, Audi is increasing the list prices for the Audi A4 for the second time within a few months. OK. Not just for that. But also again for the A4. And noticeably.

The prices for the Audi A1.12.2014 had already increased by 4% on December 1.1, 1.8. A quarter of a year later, Audi increases the list price by a further 1.8%. 2014 percent? What is that you ask yourself? That's just what makes inflation good. One might think. But this is not the case. Because since December 0.0, the adjusted inflation in Germany has been XNUMX%.

Right, in addition to the A4, Audi is also raising the list prices of the A6 and A7 Sportback - but only by 1.2% here. So - the A4 will be more expensive, definitely noticeable, before the successor starts, but - this is how you start well prepared in the next generation A4. And dealers should be given attractive sales premiums. The 1.1 + 1.8 percent should not affect current A4 buyers. For new buyers it is, because a new model is not sold at a discount. Not at Audi. But with a hidden price increase - despite the happy news! “Not more expensive than its predecessor” ...


I like to bet with everyone who registers for a box of beer, the new A4 is offered at the same list price as its predecessor. Do you want to bet with me?

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