News: Audi show car Prologue Avant - now with a big mouth

Based on the Coupé concept Prologue Audi at the Geneva Salon (March 5 to 15) will present a combination version of the design and technology vehicle. The 5,11-meter Prologue Avant study has a gently sloping combi rear, similar to that of the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake.

In the Audi, the light in the rear runs as a band across the full width of the car. The LED rear lights alternate between two- and three-dimensional effects. The sloping roof ends in an edge that runs around the entire rear. A fairly high belt line makes the Prologue appear massive, the wheel arches are emphasized discreetly. The strongly accented front with the large grille looks dynamic. Thanks to matrix laser technology, the headlights are narrow, and other lighting units emphasize the sporty air intakes.


As with the Coupé study, the inside of the touch-sensitive screen surface extends almost over the entire dashboard. The driver can find assistance and multimedia areas on the left and right of the steering wheel, and also has an OLED display (organic LED) on the console of the center tunnel for writing, air conditioning and infotainment.

The passenger operates another screen and the rear passengers, who are accommodated in two individual seats, have tablets and an OLED display for operation and entertainment. Intelligent software identifies drivers and passengers using their smartphones, adjusts seats and air conditioning according to their preferences and makes suggestions for music and route planning.


The plug-in hybrid drive is significantly closer to the series than the futuristic operation; it is almost identical to that in the Audi Q7 e-tron quattro, which will be launched in the summer. The system performance of 3,0-liter diesel and electric motor is somewhat higher at 335 kW / 455 hp. An eight-speed automatic transmits the power of the engine to the permanent all-wheel drive. According to Audi, the show car sprints to 5,1 km / h in 100 seconds; on average, the Avant should only consume 1,6 liters of diesel over the first 100 kilometers. The battery, which stores 14,1 kWh of energy, can be charged inductively. Air suspension and all-wheel steering should ensure sufficient comfort and driving dynamics.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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