News: EuroNCAP crash test - Audi TT with four stars

With four out of five possible stars Audi TT passed the EuroNCAP crash test. The coupé is the first Ingolstadt model to miss the top rating in more than eight years. However, the crash organization has since changed and tightened the test procedure and the criteria for a five-star rating several times. Last at the beginning of this year.

One of the reasons for the devaluation is due to the vehicle principle: Because it is difficult to fix some child seat models in the narrow rear due to their design, it did not reach the maximum number of points in the "Child safety" test chapter. The absence of an emergency brake assistant was counted as a penalty in the “assistance systems” category. According to its own information, Audi does not offer the system in the TT due to lack of demand. However, the technology is available and can also be obtained in other models of the brand. The TT, on the other hand, achieved top marks for "adult" and "pedestrian protection".

In addition to the sports car, two commercial vehicles were also crashed in the current test round. Both the lifted Renault Trafic and its identical twin Opel Vivaro received three stars. The commercial vehicle crash test is currently being carried out according to different rules than the car test; from 2016, the procedures are to be harmonized.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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