Authors is proud of the good cooperation with other blogs and bloggers, the experts who write for and the resulting timeliness and expertise of the topics.

That would not work without a team of real automotive experts.

Authors and experts on my-auto-blog:

Axel Griesinger: Automotive blogger on, motor blog editor, technology guru and driving dynamics expert.

Simone Amores: freelance editor, blogger, social media expert, and automotive lifestyle specialist.

Sebastian bauer: Automobil-Blogger, operator of, expert for lateral dynamics and Nordschleife rides.

Phil Huff: British Motor Journalist @ Front Seat Driver, Car-Nuts

Clemens same: Journalist, Ex-German Top-Gear Editor, Single-Track Vehicle Expert.

Fabian Mechtel: Alt-Blech expert, gentleman driver and noble pen. Writes also for the

MotorOli aka Oliver Gmeinder: Creative Frohnatur and AutoGeek with a penchant for fun riding spectacularity

Sonja Sunshine: A synonym for our colleague in the field of lifestyle, travel and seeing cars with different eyes.

Solveig Grewe: The experienced journalist fills the lifestyle and travel areas with life.

Mario from mountain: The Berlin car blogger studied European literature and mainly listens to heavy metal while driving. An original among the “free car bloggers”.

Stefan Beckmann: Newcomers, infected by cars and everything that is powered by a motor.

Bjoern Habegger: Founder of, motor journalist, friend of everything with four wheels and rather oil buffalo for lifestyle connoisseurs.

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Former editors on mab:

Bernd Schweickard: Individualist, lifestyle expert and founder of the AWR magazine. (- September 2015)

Ralf Bernert: Motor journalist and operator of the site, experienced journalist, specialist areas: Luxury Drive and Lifestyle. (- September 2014)

Bernd Conrad: Founder and blogger on (- May 2016 )