Buying a car on the Internet

Buying a car on the Internet - just a trend, or the future of car dealers?

The internet has become part of our everyday life and we use it for a wide variety of things. Often we don't even notice how we automatically google things or just buy a little something online. However, there are also areas in which the majority of all people prefer to go to the local specialist dealer. For example, buying a car. As a rule, you can get detailed advice in the dealership, take a test drive and get an offer, which you then compare with one or two other alternatives and then make a decision. While there are now a few vendors who have moved car buying to the Internet, most people have reservations and concerns. After all, it's also about an important decision and ultimately a lot of money. In the following we would like to offer you an overview of the car purchase on the Internet and answer all open questions.

What are the advantages of buying my new car online?

Buying a car on the Internet offers you as a customer a number of advantages over classic car buying. First of all, they have a significantly larger selection of providers and cars on the Internet, which they can compare with each other. So far you may have compared three offers, but online you can view hundreds or even thousands of offers and choose the best one for you. Furthermore, the prices on the Internet are usually a good deal cheaper. This is also easy to explain: The providers do not need sellers to advise and write offers as customers. In addition, no car dealership needs to be built and maintained. These savings are then passed on to the customer and enable higher discounts than in the local car dealership.

Where exactly can I buy a car online?

There are now numerous providers that make it possible to buy a car on the Internet. However, some of these platforms are structured very differently. Some offer them the opportunity to configure their vehicle individually, others sell vehicles that are already ready for collection. So you can also buy a car online at very short notice and drive off almost directly. It is important to know, however, that when you buy a car online you always buy from a classic dealer. The platforms only mediate between dealers and customers. This means that you will still have permanent contacts. However, some providers also take on the bureaucratic part of buying a car, so that they can sit back and relax.

Why are the discounts sometimes significantly higher than on site?

This question almost answers itself. On the Internet, they are not tied to a location or region. Assuming you live in Munich and your dealer there is struggling with high rents, then of course he won't give you as much discount as a dealer in the Black Forest who only has a fraction of the cost. You will then see both offers on the Internet and can then easily accept the cheapest offer. In addition, as already mentioned, the costs of individual advice and test drives are also eliminated.

How exactly does a car purchase on the Internet work?

The process is generally approximately the same for the different providers. First, choose the right model and see which of the portals has it on offer. Then you can still configure the vehicle you want and adjust the engine, color and equipment. Then they request an offer. This can be done either directly online or by phone. A call is especially recommended if you have any special requests or more complex questions. When you are satisfied with the offer, order the vehicle and choose how you want to collect it. Either you collect it directly from the dealer or in the factory, or you can have it delivered. However, the latter does not yet offer all platforms.

How do you secure the really best price online?

The offers on the Internet are very diverse and often seem incredibly cheap at first. However, it also applies on the Internet that retailers have nothing to give away. Therefore, you should read the offers very carefully and preferably double. It is not uncommon for the equipment or motorization to deviate slightly and could cause an unpleasant surprise afterwards. It also applies online that a comparison is worthwhile. The portals compare all offers on their site, but it may be that another portal can offer even better prices. So take a little time to research.

Which cars will get the best discounts?

The cars with the highest discounts usually have these discounts for a reason. Often it is so-called long standing cars, i.e. cars that have been on the farm for some time and yet are not sold. This can be due to an unusual color or economical equipment. Another reason for particularly high discounts can be that a model change is pending and the previous model should be sold before the new one appears. If you can live with these things, discounts of 30% and more are often possible.

Can you finance or lease a car online?

As already explained, you can still purchase the vehicle from a classic dealer. Financing and leasing are therefore not a problem either. However, you should definitely call the dealer for this, as it can very quickly happen online that something is overlooked or forgotten. All questions can be answered quickly and easily over the phone.

Do I have a guarantee if I buy a car online?

Of course, you also have the normal right to the manufacturer's guarantee when buying a car on the Internet. If you have any problems, you can always go to the local authorized workshop and be treated there just like everyone else. So they have no disadvantage by buying online.

How is the car registered?

The registration of a car bought on the Internet is completely the same as that of any other car. Because for the registration office it is completely irrelevant how the car was bought. Some dealers also offer you the service of registering the car for you. Then they have no work with it and can start driving immediately.

I have an exchange right for purchases on the Internet - does that also apply to a car?

Basically, when buying a car online, you also have the legally required option to exchange or return the goods, in our case the car. Unfortunately, a car is a little different than a coffee machine or a T-shirt. A car loses between 20-40% of its value with its registration. Therefore, a dealer can request the difference from the purchase price from them if they want to return the car.

What needs to be considered when buying?

As always in life, the following applies: caution is better than forbearance. Therefore, you should read the offers very carefully before buying on the Internet and inquire about the contractual partner. When ordering, make sure that the equipment and the final price do not deviate from the offer. Terms and conditions and all contract documents must also be read carefully and in peace.


If you consider a few things, you have a great opportunity to save a lot of money by buying a car online. The future for automotive dealers will be at least partially on the Internet, as they can reach significantly more potential customers here. In addition, retailers can save numerous costs that they can then pass on to customers. Buying a car online is a win-win situation for everyone involved.