Bentley Continental Supersports - The powerhouse

This Bentley burns holes in the asphalt: Continental Supersports

At Bentley one is never too bad for superlatives. The latest blow is the Continental Supersports, which is said to be the most sprinting Bentley ever, according to the British. In spring 2017 the new top version is available. In Germany, the powerhouse should cost at least 250.000 euros.

The new top model achieves 522 kW / 710 horsepower and over 1.000 Newtonmeter torque

Responsible for the better performance is a significantly increased performance in the six-liter W12 engine. Compared to the current top version GT Speed, the power grows by 55 kW / 75 PS to 522 kW / 710 PS and by almost 200 to 1.017 Newtonmeter torque. Thus, the good 2,3 heavy two-door car in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic in 3,5 seconds off the sprint on Tempo 100. The maximum speed is given as 336 km / h. Not quite so fast is the convertible called Cabriolet version, which in view of their almost 2,5 tons for the sprint four tenths needed more and also "only" 330 km / h.

Also in the interior, the Supersports offers a special styling

The additional power of the Continental owes new turbochargers and a revised charge air cooling. In addition, the crankshaft and connecting rod bearings of the W12 engine were adapted to the higher performance level. In addition, a new exhaust system to allow for more free breathing and immediately make for a more distinctive sound.

The Supersports was placed on rubber-coated 21 inch wheels and also equipped with ceramic carbon brakes. The front brake discs have 42 and rear 35,6 centimeters in diameter. Bentley also promises a more agile handling, but at the same time the four-seater should continue to offer high long-distance comfort.

Among other things, the seats in Supersports are tricolor covered with leather and Alcantara

Visually Bentley has trimmed the upcoming top model of the Continental series on dynamics. The front is characterized by aggressive air vents, black-painted air grilles and a carbon splitter. In addition, the lights are darkened front and rear. At the rear also provides a large rear wing for more downforce. Optionally, the appearance of the car can be upgraded with carbon applications and a titanium exhaust system. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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