BMW Concept X2 - niche occupation

The Bavarians show something new again: This time - oh wonder - a compact SUV. Sure, after all, the segment is booming like no other. And since this niche is apparently not yet well enough, BMW is showing the BMW Concept X2 at the Paris Motor Show. It wants to please with its own design and should differentiate itself from the other X models. The means: borrowing from BMW's coupé history, which resulted in a sporty, urban and compact concept. Here come the details.

The compact Munich is intended for active people who are looking for a combination of driving pleasure and function. This is clearly reflected in the design of the Concept X3, which emphasizes the classic dynamism of BMW and combines it with a certain solidity. This results in flat proportions and a quick gesture.

Only real with Hofmeister-Knick: coupé-like lines in the BMW Concept X2
Only real with Hofmeister-Knick: coupé-like lines in the BMW Concept X2

The structure looks robust and distinctive, which is not least due to the large wheels and the typical two-box design. In addition, the concept shows stretched proportions due to its long wheelbase, elongated roofline and short overhangs. This impression is rounded off by the C-pillar, which is strongly tilted in the direction of travel - giving the BMW Concept X2 even more dynamism. Especially in the car color "Luminous Red" attracts the attention of the Bayer.

The two-part design is exciting. The upper area looks high-quality and dynamic. The use of aluminum - around the windows or on the mirrors - and the classic Hofmeister kink are partly responsible for this. The latter is a typical BMW style element and is highlighted again by the logo on the C-pillar. The crowning glory is the large roof spoiler with airflow, which creates a sporty contour.

The lower area, on the other hand, signals robustness and off-road capability. So the seemingly huge wheel arches almost square and accommodate 21 inch large alloy wheels. In addition, there is an indicated underrun protection, which enhances the SUV look. That the BMW Concept X2 is not a tough Kraxler, but should be clear.

At the front again shows the typical BMW look, which emphasizes the dynamic touch. Not only the flat windshield with its seemingly seamless transition into the panoramic roof, but also the reinterpretation of the double kidney do so. The previous trapezoidal shape is reversed in the BMW Concept X2 and falls wider at the bottom. Added to this are large air intakes. For a low, and thus sporty, front perception provide flat contoured headlight tubes, in which the typical double rounding of the lights can be seen. However, they offer a hexagonal interpretation, as you know it from some tuning BMW E90 or E92 from the US. Unlike these, however, the concept car offers laser light, which ensures optimal illumination of the road.

Organ donation: The Kidney was reinterpreted at the Concept X2

So it will be interesting to see what the Bavarians will ultimately do with the BMW Concept X2. After all, the final street versions of concepts tend to look a little different than their exciting exhibition brothers. The only question is what the sales figures for the BMW X1 will say?


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