Driving report: Bentley Bentayga

Bentley is now offering the revamped Bentayga at prices starting at around 182.000 euros

Dressed up and disarmed

Bentley puts the Bentayga on course. While the British are adding more paint and leather for their all-terrain bestseller, they are stepping on the brakes when it comes to performance. At least in our part of the world.

Because enough is not enough. Because obviously even very-much-better-earners have something like a conscience and because luxury brands can no longer afford everything in times like these, even Bentley is now making sense, starting with the Bentayga of all things: If the luxury SUV, the With over 20.000 copies in around four years, it has advanced to the greatest success in the history of the VW subsidiary to date and is entering the second half these days at prices from 182.000 euros, so there is even more paint and leather and lots of new ones Luxury, but not more performance. On the contrary: in view of the ecological footprint, the CO2 balance and the impending fine bill from Brussels, the British are even putting back under the hood and taking the unrivaled W12 engine out of the range.

With Bentley as if on clouds

Behind the even larger grille, which will be flanked by headlights that will be a bit sleeker and, above all, more filigree, there is initially only the V8 petrol engine from the predecessor, which also enters the race almost unchanged. Subjectively, that may tarnish the shine of the Bentayga a little. But objectively, one cannot ascribe any defect to the thick ship even with the eight-cylinder. What if the four-liter engine generates 550 hp and 770 Nm? Even just under 2,5 tons then feel very light, and the left lane empties as if by itself when you catapult the colossus from 4,5 to 0 in 100 seconds and then towards the horizon at up to 290 km / h chases. No wonder that the designers at the rear have now made more effort, remodeled the taillights and smoothed the tailgate - after all, that's the perspective from which you will most often see the Bentayga.

The facelift includes, among other things, a grown radiator grille

Regardless of the number of cylinders, the Bentley gives the distinguished sovereign who celebrates the show of strength in a particularly stylish way. As ostentatious as the Briton is, so elegant and cultivated is his drive, which pisses along as if wrapped in cotton wool and only lets out a distant growl when the pedal is hammered deeply into the deep-pile carpet with great vehemence. And regardless of whether it's fast corners or committed sprints - with air suspension and roll compensation, the Bentayga bedded its occupants as if on clouds and gives them the good feeling with every meter that they don't have much to do with the world outside. This is how nobility works in a car.

The British have also modified the design of the tailgate

Time for digitization

While the driving experience is absolutely familiar, a new world awaits the driver behind the steering wheel in particular: With all the love for tradition, digitization is now breaking new ground in the Bentayga and bringing the noble adventure animated instruments and contemporary infotainment with wireless smartphone integration and integrated SIM card included. In addition, the artisans were allowed to run again and designed new fans with great attention to detail, stitched new seams into the leather and freshly designed the consoles.

The infotainment system with a huge touchscreen enables the wireless integration of smartphones

The backbenchers also benefit from the facelift. Even after four years there is no second body variant and neither the long wheelbase nor the coupé made it into production. But with new seat consoles, the engineers have at least made up a few centimeters and thus created a little more foot space for the passengers in the rear. Adults in particular are still not sitting first class there. Profane, ostentatious off-road vehicles like the BMW X7 and the Mercedes GLS can do better. But it can be slouched a little more casually and you no longer have to remain in an upright and uncomfortable position.

The new Bentayga in the world market

Bentley makes us sustainable, responsible and CO2-conscious. But the British have not completely lost their appetite for performance. And neither do the customers, apparently. Because while they keep the Europeans in line with the prospect of the Bentayga Hybrid as the most economical Bentley of all time, they are hitting completely different tones in the rest of the world: for the USA, the Middle and Far East, it will be a twelve-cylinder again in the future give, which wants to drive the competition to the ground as the "ultimate Bentayga" as a speed with 635 PS, 900 Nm and a top speed of 306 km / h.

Customers in Europe initially only get the Bentayga with a V8 engine. A plug-in hybrid is to follow later


Five-door, five-seater luxury class SUV; Length: 5,13 meters, width: 2,00 meters (width with exterior mirrors: 2,22 meters), height: 1,75 meters, wheelbase: 3,00 meters, trunk volume: 484 liters

4,0-liter V8 twin turbo, 404 kW / 550 PS, maximum torque: 770 Nm at 1.960 - 4.500 rpm, all-wheel drive, eight-speed sports automatic, 0-100 km / h: 4,5 s, Vmax: 290 km / h, standard consumption: 13,3 liters / 100 kilometers, CO2 emissions: 302 g / km, emissions standard: Euro 6d, efficiency class: G.

Price: from € 182.004

Bentley Bentayga - brief description

Why: because you will never be overlooked

Why not: because a luxury SUV without a twelve-cylinder is like oysters without champagne - only half the pleasure

What else: BMW X7, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLS and Aston Martin DBX

When he comes: rinse

As before, the 2,5-ton truck has a length of 5,13 meters


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