BMW M440i Coupé- Video Review

BMW M440i Coupe in the video review

?Teeth and six-cylinder - BMW M440i Coupé - what is more impressive?

Before I go to advertising to you YFood may make happy, brief note what this video is actually about. 

In this video we look at the together BMW M440i xDrive  

You can already see him behind me. 

Of course we will talk briefly about the design of the vehicle and of course we will also drive the vehicle together, you and me. 

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Of course I wouldn't be a good journalist ... 

My prosthesis is hanging a little. 

I wouldn't be a good journalist if I didn't briefly discuss the controversial design of the BMW M440, its little brothers from the 4-series and also the new M3. 

Briefly go into this only because, of course, when it comes to design, it is always in the eye of the beholder. 

We don't want to rate the other friends and say: 

“My God, you were really lucky with your wife. 

She is not beautiful, but intelligent and rich, maybe, no. " 

With the BMW it is like this: 

There are two things I would like to say about this. For one thing, I read a comment. It embodies a lot of what the classic BMW fans, the “classic BMW fans” said at the beginning when this car came onto the market. 

"It's a shame that BMW forgets its heritage, its history so much." 

And "It's a shame that there has to be such a huge radiator grille." 

We already had the X 7 and the BMW 7 series that the radiator grille was wide. In the 4 Series and the M3 it has now become high and many say: 

“For God's sake, that doesn't work at all. 

How can BMW do that? " 

In addition, maybe, Flo, show two vehicles. 

Two pictures of two vehicles. 

Now the following is noticeable: 

These vehicles already had a vertically oriented grille. 

They already had vertical kidneys. 

That's where the name with the kidneys comes from. 

When you see a person, you have two kidneys on your side. 

So BMW had already had exactly this design feature in its vehicles. 

And there are quite a few who say: A Baroque angel or a 2000cs - these two vehicles - are the most beautiful thing BMW has ever put on the road. 

So how can it be that you say: "It was nice then, but if you repeat it today, it is no longer pretty"? 

Why is it a disgrace today? 

My theory is this: 

Personally, for example, I'm built in '75. 

Vehicles that were educational for me, in my time horizon as a car lover, are cars from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. 

These vehicles have shaped me and I grew up with them. 

Personally, I can't say a 2 000cs nor a baroque angel 

that I would have seen it on the street. 

I didn't grow up with them. 

So from my personal point of view, this design is 

that I did not experience 

never been part of BMW history. 

If I didn't have to dig deeper into BMW, 

or would, or would do. 

For me personally everything would be 

what BMW does, compare with an E30, an E36, an E46 etc. 

An E46, for example, we're back to my history 

For me personally, the E46 is just a touring 

the most beautiful BMW ever built. 

Perhaps from such an 8-series BMW, apart from the classic 8-series, 

the old 8 series. 

But I think a classic E46, a classic E 36 

is one of the most beautiful cars ever built. 

But now I am human too 

and have a very limited time horizon. 

Namely only what I've experienced. 

And vertically oriented kidneys were never part of BMW. 

Although we can clearly see from the pictures: 

There was already that, that was the history of BMW. 

So much for that. 

We don't want to discuss whether you like the car or not, 

because we don't want to talk about your friends either. 


You have one that's really hot. 

I hope she's not watching now, but your friend is ... 

... get married, buddy. 

Get married as soon as possible. 

…To back up. 

Something completely different about the new BMW bothers me personally. 

And something that I have already criticized with other brands, 

namely the caesarean kidney. 

So if you have a wife 

who gave birth to your offspring by caesarean section, 

then you know this cut on her stomach - the caesarean section. 

And I don't know why BMW is doing this now 

like other brands started it. 

I guess that there are production-related reasons 

because now basically the whole mask is on the front, 

this is a component. 

This component here in front of the radiator grille, 

what used to be just a bumper, 

today the entire mask is on the front. 

That is a component 

and that's probably just for production reasons, 

that they are separated here. 

There in front where the front structure ends. 

And then you can put this mask in front of it. 

Unfortunately, the result is a caesarean section scar, 

that doesn't make a car prettier in my eyes. 

With the woman 

above all with the background 

that your offspring came out of there 

that's a completely different topic. 

But there is no offspring here. 

Under the hood here, from our M440 

is that splendid 

3-liter six-cylinder twin turbo engine. 

Is that now called twin turbo, right? 

De facto it can be said about this: 

This six-cylinder, 3 liter, turbo-charged, 

Buy while the cars are around. 

It's one of the best engines out there. 

And the funny thing is yes 

the bridge here in the vehicle is yes, 

that I recently - sorry! - 

my love for the 840 - watch out! - Gran Coupé ... 

Lately someone wrote “Graaan Coupé”. 

No, Gran Coupé, not “Graaan Coupé”. 

I have shown my love and have said 

that even in the big 8 series this engine, the small entry-level engine, 

in principle, is cool. 

I don't need more at all. 

Now we have this engine in a vehicle, which should be only half as large in terms of numerics. 

Which also makes us take a look at the car 

of the page. The M440, the coupé, that is a classic coupé. 

Two large doors, no car - even if there are seats in the back - that I would take on vacation with four men. Just a car whose shape says: 

"I just want to be a nice coupe." 

Always sounds very good. 

Back to the engine, again. 

So what you see or don't see here is basically the one turbocharger. 

But that still meant every now and then 

"Twin Power" or "Twin Turbo Technology" at BMW. 

With the B58 engine, i.e. this famous in-line six-cylinder, 

Turbo charged, however, it is a turbocharger which, however, runs in this so-called twin-scroll technology. 

This means that the exhaust ducts of the combustion chambers that are not adjacent to each other meet a split, split compressor wheel. 

You just do it so that the air flow on this compressor wheel runs evenly. You really don't see much down there now. 

An exciting topic, perhaps, - we will also make the M3 soon: 

It has this engine as its basis, but it actually has two turbochargers. 

However, mono-scroll, i.e. twin-turbo Mono-S croll, while the single-turbo has twin-scroll. 


And by the way, they now also have a 48-volt electrical system and a 48-volt alternator, i.e. a belt starter generator here. 

Do you want it again 

And what they have now is a dent in the bonnet. 

As standard. 

No, bullshit. 

One sees badly. 

The alternator is up here. 

The engine, the B 58 here now has a 48-volt alternator with the revision, which ensures that it can boost and recuperate. 

But on the whole you really don't want to work in the workshop at BMW, right? So when you then say: "Change the plug and the plug." 

What you have to dismantle everywhere in order to get at something. 

Look, if you just count the plugs here now ... 

It has as many plugs as PS, I would say. 

“Plug per PS” is what they say nowadays. 

Incidentally, the purple cable here should be the 48-volt electrical system cable, 

what then ... 

Do you see purple wires coming out of there somewhere? 

Where do the purple cables go? 

Because the purple cable leads up here ... 

Yes, the purple cable is a 48-volt electrical system. 

People always say that purple is the color of unsatisfied housewives. 

Where is that going, the purple cable? 

That leads in there. 

Meanwhile I have the top and bottom lottery in here 

Won in the hood and traced the purple wire. 

And the purple wire ends here on the lithium-ion batteries, 

on the 48-volt lithium-ion batteries that are in the front. 

On the subject of 48-volt electrical systems. 

Where it says: 44 volts. 

10 ampere hours, 440 watt hours, 44 volts. 

This in turn supplies a voltage converter 

and the voltage converter, 

that should supply a 12 volt battery in the trunk 

and it then supplies the classic, normal 12-volt electrical system in the car. 

Because switches and so on, 

everything works, as I said, as before with the 12-volt electrical system. 

But the 48-volt belt starter generator 

ensures more recuperation in a short time and the possibility of 

to be able to boost. 

Whereby boosting ability ... 

I think that's the last thing the 3-liter straight six needed. 

We'll drive a little country road 

and i leave it to manual, 

so that we can just flip through the aisles a bit ourselves. 

That's possible with the eight-speed machine, 

as soon as you add the Sporttronic, I think it's called. 

Then you get the paddle shifters. 

And what this engine can do is 

to drive you permanently into an area 

by handing in your rag. 

Since we personally never drive faster than 100 on the country road, 

I have to concentrate for a moment. 

That's why I have the large head-up display up here. 

And shut up for a moment. 

Now let's switch up to eighth. 

The basic problem today is ... 

"Basic problem" ... 

Of course, the car has two petrol particulate filters 

and two catalytic converters downstream, 

on the subject of exhaust gas purification, - to meet modern emissions standards. 

That leads, of course, to the noise issue 

goes down a bit. 

So this creamy speed 

this turbine-like from the row six 

disappears a bit. 

With turbo engines, of course, that is away from the turbocharger. 

And now switched on with two catalytic converters and two gasoline particulate filters 

of course it's gone anyway. 

BMW tried the whole subject 

to support with a bit of driving noise in the interior. 

If I switch to "Sport" now, for example 

and I have the BMW sound generator, I will call it, set this way, 

that depending on what my driving experience switch ... 

That's so cool anyway 

"Driving experience switch". 

What the driving experience switch- Depending on which mode I'm in ... 

Depending on the situation, the interior noise is a bit stronger 

and a little less strong. 

I'm going to do sports. 

You can of course also configure that 

and then it is also determined here ... 

No, the sound is not included here, for example. 

So, now let's switch the gears through. 

I'll flip down. 

As always, we are sitting on German federal highways 

behind a truck right now 

with speed 57. 

And we listen to the melody a little. 

Third gear, just before 3.000. 

He's got a nice noise 

nicely modeled. 

I now purposely drive out of here to the right 

let people all drive by a bit. 

Brief double-declutching into second gear. 

A brief double-declutching broke into first gear. 

And then we'll wait a few seconds 

so that I have a little space to the front, 

and accelerate manually, from a standstill, 

or rolling stand ... 

Seven km / h. 

R out onto the country road. 

So, and you have to stop here, it's already 100 km / h. 

We never drive faster than 100 km / h on the country road. 

I want to ask you to do the same. 

I don't know if it comes across on camera but the way 

the way he stumbles out of there, out of such a parking bay, 

how seamlessly this eight-speed automatic throws the gears in, 

how well the engine pulls you there, 

With what force the whole thing happens. 

And despite everything, the sound is now in sport mode ... 

It wasn't overly artificial. 

It's not that you feel like 

"The whole sound only comes out of the speakers." 

It is already a composition of the intake noise from the front, 

Combustion noise, exhaust. 

You are guaranteed not to hear the exhaust sound in here at all. 

And yet the feeling is, so to speak, ... 

It sounds realistic. 

I really like that about BMWs, 

that this tuning behavior of the vehicle 

nor is it exaggerated. 

It's not like saying: 

"We now have to emotionalise something exaggeratedly sporty" or something. 

The whole engine itself is able to do enough convincing. 

You don't need to 

to work with some kind of artificial sound generator. 

What is the belt starter generator actually doing up there? 

The belt starter generator can add up to 11 hp, 

to the 3 74 hp, I mean, that's what the engine has. 

I'm slowly getting confused. 

In any case, it was 500 Newton meters 

and 500 Newton meters distributed like Table Mountain. 

So at 1 high, to 900 and then it drops off again slightly. 

So more like Table Mountain - a whole torque plateau 

thrown forward. 

And 374 hp then at 6.500 or so. 

The belt starter generator, as I said, 

he can add another 11 hp. 

So the last thing the engine has needed so far in my opinion, 

is exactly that. 

But he can. 

The result is, 

that the everyday consumption of the vehicle decreases. 

With this belt starter generator in the mild hybrid 

Are you doing exactly what I always tell you to do 

You can switch off the engine directly in overrun mode - engine off -, 

but still leave the drive engaged 

and then it's like a kind of engine brake. 

The brake is due to your belt starter generator 

acts directly on the crank drive of the motor via the belt ... 

And so it also provides resistance there. 

And this resistance, this electric motor boom, 

I would like to call you 

it draws battery power into this 48 volt lithium-ion battery at the front. 

So we recuperate a little power, 

particularly successful and really efficient on the motorway, 

on the long haul. 

Whenever you arrive at a higher speed 

take off the gas early: 

Engine stops, 

and depending on whether you delay a little now, 

or even the radar in front recognizes that I have to slow down, 

then he makes it a little stronger. 

Or he lets it roll freely, lets it sail. 

The whole efficiency has increased significantly by 

that you can just bring back strength. 

And this power 

the belt starter generator can boost again, 

to the engine a bit 

to help out of the lower speed range. 

Where, to be honest ... 

I'll go into sport mode, lower speed range. 

We're driving out of a town right now 

and see if this speed range ... 

So at 4 he certainly doesn't need any support. 

Locality ends. 

The ease with which the engine goes to work, 

the way of that cornucopia of torque 

pours out over the occupants, 

that's so awesome. 

If you do that permanently and now, of course 

just like here, truck overtaken ... 

Whereby you actually get the opportunity 

Overtaking trucks in places where you normally would 

would not look so whether you can overtake that one now. 

The whole way this car walks to work, yeah 

that tempts you to drive exactly this way, 

which then nails that grin on the face. 

Yes, I've said it before: 

300 horsepower should be a human right. 

300 hp for each vehicle. 

Instead of a speed limit, we demand 300 hp for everyone. 

Okay, maybe not very timely now. 


Let's enjoy it, let's enjoy it 

as long as it is there, as long as it is possible. 

It's a lot of fun. 

The car is a lot of fun. 

And in case you say 

“Oh, you know, I already have my mother-in-law now 

have to punch in there so that she can get in the back, at all, 

I don't want to get on her nerves now with the G-forces " 

and you just take a normal Sunday drive 

and you do it by chance on the Habby XXL standard round, 

then you come into a consumption 

in comfort mode, from round-a-bout 8,4, 8,7, 8,3? 

What did I just say, Flo? 

Yes, we'll show it below. 

Definitely a consumption where you say: 

"Actually unusual with the car." 

Because don't forget: 

Habby-XXL-Normrunde, belongs there on the highway 

the comfortable cruising speed of 160 km / h permanently added. 

So where it is allowed. 

And accelerate out to 200 twice. 

So the second part that needs to be said about the car 

is the subject of driving fun in curves. 

So not just acceleration in this direction, 

but also lateral acceleration. 

A few years ago we had the BMW M4 in the house. 

We've had it before and it rained slightly 

and then i said ... 

Well, it rained heavily. 

And then I said: 

"No, you know, drive the engine here with us in the Spessart, 

with the Michelin Sport Pilot Plus on the rear axle, 

you don't really want to challenge the car like that. " 

Now we have a very similar setup here, 

a similarly powerful engine, the same tires on it, 

but the whole thing combined with xDrive. 

And then you know why all-wheel drive! 

All-wheel drive, driven well, is just fun. 

All-wheel drive in senseless children's hands, in bad weather 

in the end also makes sure that you fly off. 


But you leave a lot later because you have so much more traction. 

This multiple action, of course, you don't have it 

in stable lateral acceleration, 

but you only have it when it comes to 

to bring the strength to the ground. 

And that's just a great thing 

if you have 500 Newton meters available, 

to get those 500 Newton meters to the ground with a smile 

and without sweat. 

Well, I still remember that the M4 ... 

It has already given me a lot of awe in the wet. 

Because by having the performance complete only 

was distributed on the rear axle, in the damp, 

the limit was reached very quickly. 

This is a car with what feels like a limitless range of traction 

and what feels like limitless traction. 

And what feels like a very, very high balance. 

And now he's also from the engine setup, compared to the Gran Coupé, 

what we had not so long ago, a similar motor setting. 

But now also with xDrive. 

The Gran Coupe that we had 

only had rear-wheel drive. 

The car is a little smaller and a little lighter. 

You can't make a mistake 

if you look at the purely technical data. 

Compare the technical data: 

Wheelbase, total length and curb weight, 

between the 8 Series Gran Coupé and the 4 Series Coupé. 

These are not that big of a difference. 

Still, the car drives like a different class, actually. 

Of course it's not a feat. 

That's a different class of vehicle. 

But you just feel it. 

It's much, much crisper, on the steering wheel. 

It's much, much more alive on the steering wheel. 

The whole car is in its vertical axis - 

So this is when you run such an axis in the middle of the car, 

that where he could turn it - even more alive. 

Sure: shorter wheelbase, shorter overall length. 

Not as much, not as much as you might think. 

And you have to feel that and you feel that. 

The car is just livelier, crisper. 

Crunchier, yes. 

Let's get to the bottom line, Flo, right? 


And as you can see the 6 series here ... 

You don't have to go back that far 

to get a BMW with a vertically oriented kidney. 

Albeit in fact ... 

Now I'm not sure if it comes off really well on camera. 

The size differences, yes? 

There is a difference in size between the two kidneys. 

It is also the question: 

Was the 6 already as big as a 4 back then? 

Or why was the 6 Series back then ... 



Back to the conclusion, the M440i. 

It's a driver's car. 

Not just because it doesn't leave much more space 

than for a driver and a passenger. 

Let's be honest, between us: 

You don't even want your children 

Force back through the entrance. 

No, you can throw your jacket down there. 

Although I wouldn't do that either. 

Then I wouldn't be able to get to the jacket afterwards. 

I don't even know why the car has two seats in the back. 

In return, it does what a classic coupé should do: 

It's fun to drive. 

And it is actually the case with the M4 40i with xDrive 

that you can give this engine to almost any idiot. 

Simply because there is so much traction. 

There is little you can go wrong with the car. 

But BMW did a lot right. 

Does that include the kidney up there? 

I've now deliberately left out my buck teeth, 

you don't have to do the gag twice. 

Does that include the kidney? 

It'll take me half a decade to say: 

"Now I can look back on history long enough 

to say was right or wrong. " 

I look forward to your comments. 

Maybe there is one or the other of you 

who has already said in the meantime: 

“Well, once you've seen them 

and if you've looked at other vehicles, from BMW, from the past, 

then maybe it's not that bad anymore. " 

If you're one of them, write a comment or two below the video. 

I am looking forward to your feedback, 

as well as the rest of the feedback on how awesome the video was. 

That was AutoHUB, 

my name is Bjoern Habegger, my friends call me Habby. 

If you have subscribed to the channel, you can also call me Habby. 

So now please don't forget to subscribe to this channel, 

to ring the bell 

and then we'll see you on the next video. 

With or without a rabbit scene? 

Well, look ... 

[singing 00:27:41] 

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