2: 1 - BMW reshuffles design department

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Karim Habib was previously the head of design at BMW, above whom only Adrian van Hooydonk stood in the design hierarchy. But the Canadian recently left Bavaria at his own request - which is why it is unclear. But we are not here with the big “newspaper” with the four letters, so that we are interested in gossip. We are interested in the new personal details that follow Habib: Jozef Kaban and Domagoj Dukec are moving up and are splitting the different lines of Munich.

Domagoj Dukec

They are no strangers to automotive design: both Jozef Kaban and Domagoj Dukec have already signed contracts with well-known companies. Kaban could use his talent Volkswagen and have a degree from the famous Royal College in London. In addition to responsibilities at Audi and finally at Skoda, one of his most important projects is surely the participation in Bugatti Veyron. Dukic, on the other hand, has been active at BMW since 2010 and worked here in various departments, such as in design for BMW i.

We can therefore be excited to see what fresh wind the two design professionals will bring in Munich. There was already an American wind with Chris Bangle, the one with the BMW 7er the E65 series. The design of the luxury sedan was fundamentally new and so far removed from what usually characterized a BMW 7 Series that it was glad that traditional insignia like the kidney grille or the Hofmeister kink remained. But the massive car sold well - despite divided opinions.

Jozef Kaban

Perhaps the 44-year-old Kaban and the 41-year-old Dukec can break the BMW design and create something fresh and revolutionary. Although they are still subordinate to Adrian von Hooydonk, it cannot be denied that the design of the current series looks quite uniform. Not that a certain family affiliation would be bad, but a little new spice would not harm Bavaria. And that's exactly what Hooydonk is looking forward to, after all, the two “newcomers” can join the Munich team free of any operational blindness.

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