BMW 328i: rust and other trifles

It has been a while since that it was the last chapter to 328i touring to read. Why? Because the green BMW drove me to the edge of madness several times. What was less about him than about me, because: I broke the golden rule of buying a car.

Never, never really, can you buy the car you want to buy. Because that's the biggest mistake you can make.

You have to buy the best car - and if what you are looking for is not the best, then forget it! I made this mistake. It had to be this E36. Because its equipment, color, interior and rims corresponded exactly to the 328i in which I had a more than good time as a child.

In this romantic transfiguration, I've probably bought the largest piece of scrap that goes around with the white-and-blue propeller. With the small but subtle difference that mine still does not drive. So: drive, just with in a square meter hole in the subsoil.

But in turn: we were ready that both wishbones front out could. That was all relatively harmless. With them, then the wheel carrier from the car, because the plates of the brake discs broke like crispbread from the car. So: once new, just also both wheel bearings front new - although the TÜV had not even criticized.

bmw 328i-screw-032-repair-counselor-Mechtel

In addition, a set of fresh screws, grease caps and other small parts at the friendly BMW dealer. Because no matter where you put the ratchet or wrench: everything is round. I have actually never seen such rusty garbage anywhere. The touring was as worn out below as a car can only be if it has been in (!) Salt water for weeks. Really, it was absolutely amazing.

But with a little patience and a hot wire to the part of the counters was then at some point light at the end of the tunnel. Although it is not necessarily cool, during the week in the sleet at + 2 ° C every night until 23: 30 and later to screw under the open sky in the yard. Anyway, in the beginning it was a plan to write a kind of DIY tutorial for a low budget 200PS cart. What a scorn. Without special tools and really well-founded knowledge of the automobile itself, this project is absolutely unbreakable.

bmw 328i-screw-012-repair-counselor-Mechtel

As an example only the brake lines. The rubber hoses were of course so porous that the protective workshop's breath caught. Only when disassembling refused the throws so stubborn that neither generous WD40 use nor the flame would have brought any improvement. So it had to be sawed and set. If you do not pay attention to meticulous cleanliness and precision at work, you'll end up losing out.

Mechanically, we were at some point at the end. And the moment when we put the touring on the designated wheels for the first time, there was something like anticipation. Finally, the 17-M5 rims were packed in the wheel well. Although with the tire size too big, but at least - we were on the right track.

bmw 328i-screw-078-repair-counselor-Mechtel

Until the sill panel came off. What lay underneath was a blunder of the very best kind. Someone had mended the sill twice in the gray days of the tour. But instead of looking for the cause (sliding roof processes!), Sheets were simply fried over it. However, if you weld them in without drain holes, then the water is only higher in the sill at the end than it already is.

The result: our touring stands now with generously cut inside sills in the underground car park and waits for the body spouter. For us, the project is over here. Unrelated, the 328er does not work.

bmw 328i-screw-080-repair-counselor-Mechtel bmw 328i-screw-066-repair-counselor-Mechtel bmw 328i-screw-045-repair-counselor-Mechtel

Anyway, it was a lesson to us: what should be fun, someday just shook in great annoyance. Every touched corner was bad, ten parts were ordered and one end is not in sight.

Of course, the 193PS-Reihensechser is a great pleasure, especially with freshly written chassis and a clever adjustable Schraubfahrwerk. But is he worth the work and above all the money? I'm afraid not. Rather: absolutely not at all.

But I should have known. Because I made the worst mistake at the very beginning.

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