BMW 507 - with prominent previous ownership

One of the most legendary roadsters ever? Sure, the BMW 507! With his beguiling lines and classic roadster proportions, he was able to wrap a very special man around his finger at the time: Elvis Presley. None other than the King of Rock´n´Roll bought one of only 254 copies built during his military service in Germany. The convertible was long thought to be lost, but the BMW 507 reappeared when a typical barn was found. At least what was left of him.

The BMW 507 with the chassis number 70079 rolled off the assembly line on September 13, 1957 and has an adventurous history. Initially, the feather-white roadster served as an exhibit at the IAA, was then handed over to various hands as a press vehicle and finally passed on to a certain Hans Stuck. Connoisseurs will listen carefully to this name: Quite right, the father of Hans-Joachim "Strietzel" Stuck. He was also a racing driver and used the BMW 507 for hill climbs. In 1958, however, the convertible was finally sold again and was resold to Elvis Presley by a Frankfurt dealer.

In Germany, the legend roared so with a feather white convertible through the area. Back in the US, however, Elvis seems to have abandoned the love for Bavaria. So the "King" sold him to a New York car dealer, who passed him on to Tommy Charles - for ridiculous 4.500 dollars. The radio host transplanted a Chevy V8 under the hood of the Bavarian, because it was not enough for the performance of the base unit. Of course, that brought with it numerous conversions that were responsible, among other things, for the condition of the BMW 507 when it was found. But Charles did not take a long favor on Bayern and sold the Roadster again, until he got 1968 in the hands of Jack Castor - the last owner.

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The BMW 507 from Elvis: Today it is almost better there than at its first delivery

BMW Classic found the ailing remains of the classic in its barn and bought the rarity from Castor. The department immediately started the restoration - which took over two years of work. The body was completely dismantled, all components were placed in different lyes and some parts were even completely new. Since the BMW 507 is so rare, the spare parts situation is in order. But the end result is more than impressive: The roadster shines again in feather white, bubbles with its 3.2 liter V8 and 150 hp, rolls on its white rims with central locking and simply exudes the charm of the 50s. Even more so when the voice of the "King" can be heard from the Becker Mexico Radio.

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