BMW at the Essen Motor Show - Tuning in da House!

It wasn't too long ago when BMW launched the “M Performance Parts” division. But the business with more than just sporty add-on parts and performance optimizations is flourishing and is now being made particularly attractive to interested parties - via leasing. We want to take a closer look at what the people of Munich have brought with them to the Ruhr area.

Tuning, that's one thing. The English word per se expresses nothing other than fine-tuning or optimization. In everyday language, however, we also use it for the general "change" of cars that are no longer off the peg. Insanely low landing gears, wide structures and rims that may look chic, but are leaden. With "fine" vote that has little to do.

With carbon you are not stingy at BMW M Performance
With carbon you are not stingy at BMW M Performance

Tuning in the truest sense of the word

BMW with the M Performance Parts should not be included in this either. No, the name says it all: The add-on parts should not only look sporty, but also actually increase driving dynamics - in other words, performance. And so this department of Bavaria can be mentioned in the same breath as the well-known tuners à la AC Schnitzer or Hartge. Some of the parts are even higher quality. This is of course also reflected in the price, which is not exactly located in the lower segment. So that you can still benefit from the M Performance Parts, you can now also lease them.

Not just for the exterior: BMW M Performance is also building on the interior
Not just for the exterior: BMW M Performance is also building on the interior

How the Bavarians interpret BMW Performance is shown at the motor show in Essen. A safety car based on the BMW M2 first attracts attention. With its lighting system on the roof and the insistent foiling in the typical Bavarian sports style, it makes an impression. The inside of the safety car was upgraded with a golden roll bar, matching the color of the rims, and plenty of carbon, which is listed in the M Performance Parts division's range. In addition to these high-quality and lightweight parts, 1.300 offers additional, vehicle-specific performance parts.

Safety First: The BMW M2 as a safety car

The eye-catching M2 is no less in the limelight than the BMW M240i Cabriolet, which is brand new in this form. One of the Munich's last traditional engines is slumbering under his hood: an 3.0 liter six-cylinder inline engine with 340 PS. On the outside, the open compact dynamics vehicle has been upgraded with a variety of M Performance Parts, such as the 19-inch alloy wheels in a bicolour look.

Like in the golden cage. Difference: People like to take a seat here

In addition to the compact convertible, the Bavarians are also showing a large rear spoiler that was specially designed for the BMW M3 and M4. As with the other parts of the tuning department, emphasis was placed on the benefits: Made of carbon from head to toe, the spoiler is not only pleasantly light but also optimizes the driving characteristics towards motorsport. The M Performance sports suspension, which is adjustable in a range of five to 20 mm, also wants to do that. So you can tune your car optimally to the respective needs: on the track or the fast country road game. The chassis is recognizable by the red springs.

Hardly on the market, even in Essen: the new BMW 5er

Newly hatched and already optimized: the new BMW 5er
Newly hatched and already optimized: the new BMW 5er

Also brand new is the BMW 5er, which has only just seen the light of day and is the most important model at BMW. As soon as he was born, BMW M Performance Parts already gave him the corresponding parts, such as dynamic 20 inch rims or corresponding attachments. Even performance enhancements for the BMW 540i and 530d are available. More about the sporty business class of Bavaria there here.

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